New Xbox Sales - Big collection of backwards compatibility games on sale

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Do you love playing backwards compatible Xbox 360 and Original Xbox? You’re in luck as a huge selection of them just went on sale.

This includes some of the newest additions like the Max Payne series, Timesplitters, Gun Valkyrie, Binary Domain and Oddworld.

There are also a couple of fps boost games on sale like Sonic Generations and Sonic Unleashed.

Check out the full list of deals right here.


Timesplitters 1&2 for 2.49 each, seemed rude not to… Also

I grabbed Lost Planet, The Bureau, and Just cause, was about 13 euro all in. I’m happy with that!





I still have my physical copy but highly recommended Civilisation Revolution for 7.49

Amazing game!



thinking in buying lost planet 2. Is it good?

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This week’s sale is fantastic. A lot of indie games, mainly horror themed games, and BC games are on sale.

Highly recommended Asuras Wrath, but the true ending is behind a paid DLC. :upside_down_face:

I had it and 3 through Gold since years, but I didn’t have 1, now I can buy it and start the trilogy, these old ass games are rarely discounted. It was the japanese take on Gears of War, if you like that, you’ll like LP from what I gathered online.

I remember it being some decent co op fun, but weaker than the first. I seem to remember it having some annoying difficulty spikes when playing alone, which I ended up playing since no one else I knew ever wanted to play.

I have 2 (from GwG or something I suppose) but seeing the first for pennies made me think “why not” at least its something from when Capcom was making a fun and different home on 360.

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the 1 was one of my favorite games from 360 era. The graphics were amazing back then. The second one seems to target coop and multi more than single player. I guess i ll buy for sure sonic generations and maybe later this one.

Picked up a lot of digital versions of games I own physically. Sonic Unleashed, Killer is Dead, Asura’s Wrath are the three that I was looking forward to the most. Great BC titles so far this year with LO and Blue Dragon several weeks ago.

also asura’s wrath gif

wrath asura GIF



I spent fifty dollars.