New State of Play announced - Thursday 2PM PST

I know. I just don’t believe that it will but we’ll see.

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Think Horizon barely makes it but I do think GoW gets delayed.

They haven’t even mentioned in the interview lol

My longshot hope is an Uncharted 5 announcement. Even if it’s just a logo.

More realistic hope is some awesome looking gameplay footage from Horizon Forbidden West.

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God of War probably? Nathan Drake is more of a happy dad.

I realllly doubt we’ll see anything God Of War. But if we do, it’s gonna break the internet at minimum, that’s for sure.

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Hopefully FF7 remake is announced for PS5 and then later revealed on Twitter to be coming to Xbox and PC. LOL!


yeaaah, but if what Nick says is true, only PC is hopeful and no xbox release in sight.

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:eyes: oh really

Anything in this to be excited about? Any good predictions?

OK GUYS, it’s bout to start, get your final minute predictions in!


not that exciting so far, hopefully it picks up

You can’t talk about scary games and then not proceed with Silent Hill

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Nowadays I don’t really understand indie devs who don’t partner with Microsoft. Xbox players seem to be much more receptive to indie games

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So after 20 minutes at least Kena showed up.

Bigger market share, so they feel they will have a bigger audience which isn’t always the case

Deathloop looked awesome

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I was shocked its not coming till August

Also ending it on a port of a ps4 game lmfaoo