New State of Play announced - Thursday 2PM PST

Alright, this is gonna be interesting.

Will contain

  1. Updates and deep dives on previously shown titles. Emphasis on the indies shown in the June showcase.

  2. Some new game announcements.

  3. Will be 30 minutes.

  4. Only focused on games, no business or hardware related information.

Get your predictions in!

Hopefully TLOU2 PS5 enhancements cause I just snagged it for $20.

@Shpeshal_Nick get his ass!

Lol I mean, they might do some weird edition to charge you for the upgrade cuz most other games already have gotten the upgrades but TLOU2 hasn’t for a weird reason.

Either way, yeah. Maybe they’ll announce the upgrade alongside the Factions mode reveal.

Prolly gonna see some horizon forbidden west, that games gonna look great. Maybe the heavily rumored silent hill finally?

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I was gonna buy it on sale but I held off because I assume Sony will charge for the new version

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If they do Last of Us 2 PS5 Edition you can bet your paying for it because they will use Factions (Mp) as a excuse to charge a lovely 70 :wink:

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I still can’t believe they remastered a 2-years old game and locked it behind a $70 Ultimate Edition.


Awesome news…something to watch when I get home from work. Hoping for a gameplay trailer for Horizon 2 and release date for Kena: Bridge of Spirits.

Kena looks incredible. But I’ll just wait for Game Pass I think


For he who waits, Game Pass will deliver. So it is written.


No real expectations for this one. It can’t be any more disappointing than the Nintendo direct at least.

I’ll wait for the Xbox version of Godfall going on Game Pass because it’s not worth buying but Kena is worth buying and playing day one. If it’s on PS Plus day one, awesome but if not, I will be buying the game.

A lot of people here wonder why PlayStation fans and gamers in general question Game Pass and if Microsoft’s first party exclusives end up being of high quality…seeing you and others say “I’ll just wait for Game Pass” is exactly why people have those concerns.

I can understand waiting for an average/subpar game to go on Game Pass but if Kena ends up being a great game, own a PlayStation 5 and you want to play it, why would anyone want to wait to do so? If you don’t own a PlayStation 5, then it’s understandable but I know you do since you’ve mentioned how much you liked the haptic feedback in Astro’s Playroom.

I understand if people don’t have the money or want to spend the money but if you really want to play a game and it’s worth playing, why wouldn’t you if you can afford it?

I would buy Kena but I don’t will buy a PS5 in the foreseeable future :man_shrugging:

Well the question is, why spend money if I don’t have to?

The game isn’t going anywhere. There’s no multiplayer community that could die off if I wait.

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Games shown:

  • Kena
  • Returnal
  • Horizon Forbidden West
  • Ratchet
  • Deathloop
  • Ghostwire Tokyo
  • FF7 remake ps5 update

My safe bets

Third and indie games from the July event. Hmmm what third party game could they show?

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But there’s no guarantee that it ever goes on Game Pass. What if Sony extends the time exclusivity to two years or longer? Or Ember Lab never accepts a payday to put the game on Game Pass? Then what? You’ll skip a potentially great game because it’s not on Game Pass?

Then I’ll wait for a sale or PS Plus

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Good bets. Horizon 2 gets a release date but then gets delayed to 2022 is my prediction.

In recent interviews they said they feel good about Horizon launching in 2021.

Lucky for you, good chance it goes on PS Plus when it releases like Destruction All Stars does.