New Marvel game being written by Amy Hennig and developed by Skydance New Media (narrative-driven, blockbuster action-adventure game, featuring a completely original story)

Who will it be about? This is a total shot in the dark, but I could see Amy wanting to write for a woman after spending so much time writing for Nathan Drake. So I’m gonna say Captain Marvel.


inb4 PS5 timed exclusivity ®

But anyway it seems anyone can pitch and get a Marvel game. If Microsoft want, they can, but Disney will probably milk them really good knowing “they can easily afford it and are desperate”.

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I swear to fucking God if Sony money hats this .

P.S. everyone and their mother is getting a Disney license :phil_lmao:


nope . 0% chance . I’ll say Black Widow .

Why 0%? I could see Black Widow in a Splinter Cell-esque game, but I don’t think she’s for some reason a million times more likely than Carol.

I can’t see any studio making AAA Superman or Captain Marvel games , certainly not a studio like Skydance .

I don’t really put Superman and Captain Marvel in the same boat. Carol fights lots of enemies at her level (especially in her space-based adventures, which I would be imagining this is). As far as Skydance, I don’t know much about them.

:confused: Marvel doesn’t excite me, but whatever. I’ll judge when we see what the game actually is.

Until some big studio forms the foundation for how a flying superhero game should work , I cant see small-medium studios even trying . :man_shrugging:

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Laugh if you want, the flying WORKED.


I hope for a better and lesser OP hero than Captain Marvel.

Someone like Tigress or Storm or - an anti hero like Jean Grey.

An early years recruit of SHIELD - Black Widow would be so cool

Flying and combat is great in it.

Skydance, aren’t they the ones that published some Telltale games?

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I think that’s Skybound?

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I tried looking but I cant find what games they made . I think they have yet to make a game .

The article says this is their first game, but they are backed by a huge media company.

There is a Skydance Interactive that made some VR games, but I think Skydance New Media isn’t the same? Companies can be confusing.

Except Microsoft, because Microsoft don’t have a parent company :phil_lmao:

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Fried Rice Cooking GIF by Nigel Ng (Uncle Roger)

Literally clicking on a topic about a Marvel game to say “I hate Marvel” is just trolling. This isn’t something that came up in the Xbox Studios topic, this is you going out of your way to be a turd in the punch bowl. Yes, that’s trolling. “Because you can…”

Games are going to exist that aren’t for you.

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Interesting! So a studio with no track record yet, of course there could be a lot of talent from other big studios there. But the fact that a big company is backing them helps and the name Amy Hennig of course too.

If I were the one in charge of these things I’d at least keep an eye on this and if things look promising I’d make sure it comes to Xbox no matter what. To make GP extra attractive I’d make a deal that it lands on it day one and if they don’t want exclusivity, so be it.

But imagine having a service that not only will have loads of high quality RPGs and other genres, it would also have a Marvel game on it. For sure that would help GP.

jesus christ yall wtf is happening here