New Games Shown @ Nov 10th Launch Party?


Doubt it because it says “Instead of big announcements, we will mark the beginning of a new era by gaming alongside one another.” in the exact same article.

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I assumed it would be only games already announced but if not even better :slight_smile:

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Fair point. I could read it that way too. It could just mean that chatting with devs counts as ‘behind the scenes of the next gen of games’. Hmmmmm…

Yeah, I assume it’ll just be of games that have already been announced like Watch Dogs: Legion, AC Valhalla, Yakuza, etc.

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I would think that if they show anything like The Initiative’s premiere game or Hellblade 2 gameplay, I would think that they show it at The Game Awards especially since it would be to a much wider audience. Besides, I will be too busy playing WDL on the Series X to stop and watch a launch party. They should do the launch party the day before to where it ends at Midnight or something.

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They will definitely debut the new Viva Piñata. Confirmed.

I think the video game awards will be the next even where Microsoft announces new or current games in development.

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With launch supply selling out I don’t think there is any real reason to mention any new games.

It’s good to have these aces up your sleeve, and I suspect Sony has a few as well.

Next E3 though I suspect that’s when MS spills of beans to set themselves up for a great fall 2021.