New Dune Trailer Released

Day Fucking One.


I hope they’ll do justice to the book, Lynch movie was far too confusing and there were technical limits for the portait of sci-fi elements in 1984. SciFi miniseries was good, but it hadn’t the reach of a big budget movie. Villeneuve is a great director and I’m hopeful, I’m only concerned by two things:

  • the movie is clearly split in two (Feyd doesn’t even appear in the first half) and if it does not gross enough money who knows if they’ll complete it;
  • I didn’t like the casting of Dr. Keynes with a black woman for the sake of inclusion at any cost, Dune has more than enough strong female characters without these strange changes from the original content. It can be problematic also for the main storyline because he was the father of Chani, the protagonist woman, so meh for this choiche.
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Frank Herbert’s original 6 books are my favorite series ever. I never re-read books(like I don’t replay games), but I re-read those. I had hoped a few years ago that they would make it into a ongoing series like a GoT, because this story really needs 50 hours to tell, IMO. Nevertheless Villeneuve is a top 3 director for me, and I know that will enjoy this movie regardless of any deviations from the novel.

It does look visually impressive, as expected from Denis Villeneuve. The casting is great, in my opinion, & I am excited that we’re finally getting a proper big budget adaptation of Dune… but I just don’t think it’s going to be a successful enough “blockbuster”.

In fact I see it flopping, much like Bladerunner 2049 did. It’s the same thing again; deeper sci-fi that’s not really aimed at the audience who could potentially make the studios all of their precious money back.

For me, they should’ve made Dune into a TV show. This is the perfect time for it.

But anyway, I’ll be watching it on the biggest & best imax screen that I can. I’m currently re-reading the original 6 books as a lead-up to the film’s release. Just started Heretics, aka, the secret best Dune book :grin:


Yeah, I agree with this, except that God Emperor is the secret best Dune book.

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I expect to absolutely love this and have most people not even realize it exists, just like Blade Runner 2049. :upside_down_face:

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They’re all great to be fair. Well, the original 6 that Frank Herbert wrote are great. The less said about what his son did, the better :grimacing:

I always loved Heretics though. There’s just something different about it. For me, it feels like the work of an author really cutting loose, after having faithfully seen a difficult storyline to it’s logical conclusion with God Emperor.

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I don’t know why I posted Children as the best, I meant God Emperor. Anyway, I’ve read most of the new books, IMO they are pretty good, it was just impossible to live up to the standard set by FH. I’ve seen many comments from people who started with the new books and super love them and can’t read get into the OG novels.

I remember playing the old Dune RTS by Westwood. Man, that’s a long time ago.


I was there the moment Villeneuve was announced to be helming the new movie; that man has only become better at his craft with every film and Blade Runner 2049 is, in my opinion, one of the few decades-late sequels that’s better than the original (and I saw that as someone who worships Ridley’s masterpiece). The cast is incredible and the visuals clearly match the vision that the books always invoked. This and The Green Knight are going to be enough to make up for an understandably-lacking year.

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Haven’t read the books, but the trailers they’ve shown and cast def makes this day one for me