New DLC for Rain On Your Parade is coming soon

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Indie studio Unbound Creations has announced a new DLC coming soon to Rain On Your Parade. While a release date was not mentioned, this new piece of content will include more levels, new cloud powers, developer commentary and, of course, new cloud hats!

Rain On Your Parade was released back in April for Xbox One while joining the Game Pass catalogue on day one. Filled with humour and references to pop culture, it quickly hit an incredible 150,000 players mark in less than a week — those numbers have since risen to 400,000 since release.

Less than a week, and #RainOnYourParade already has over 150,000 players thx to #XboxGamePass 😱 What a mind blowing result!

Thank you everyone for checking it out & sharing all your silly Cloud faces with us! We're absolutely FLOORED by the reception to our #indiegame on #Xbox!

— Unbound Creations ☁️ (@UnboundCreation) April 20, 2021

We reviewed the game back at launch with our very own Jon “Sikamikanico” Clarke praising its great variety in level design and pop culture references galore. You can check the video review down below — or, if you are a Game Pass subscriber, you can quickly download the game by clicking here!


Awesome! I really had a lot of fun with this game and I will definitely be purchasing any and all DLC they release.


Yep, this game was great!


That’s within distance of Returnal, a game with millions in marketting spend and spotlights. Love how these smaller studios and games are getting the exposure they desire with GamePass.


Haha, came to say that… it’s Returnal numbers!

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Hah, I hadn’t thought of that this way! I can only imagine the numbers indie games do on PlayStation