Netflix recommendation for us gamers

ok was bored last night so decided to have a look on Netflix for a new series to watch. found one call High score and as a gamer this series is epic its basically a look in to the history of video games and certain consoles and even the first pc games. really good watch and also for us older guys you spend have the program saying “i had one of them” or " i loved playing that". i even convinced my 13 year old daughter who is also a gamer to watch it and she love it as well ok she was laughing at the graphics and the controllers we used but even she loved the history and how the games evolved. defiantly worth a watch in in 6 parts and easy to dip in and out of save having to watch it all in one go lol

It’s definitely on my “watch” list, just been to busy to chill out and binge it!

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its a really good watch and interesting