MS testing Android app support for Xbox?

It looks like Microsoft is testing out Android app support for Xbox.

That’s based on a listing for the Windows Subsystem for Android app (thanks, XDA) on the Windows 11 Microsoft Store.

In its System Requirements, the app is listed as available for Windows and Xbox One.

I wonder if this is for the rumoured xCloud TV streaming stick.


That would be dope !

That would be kinda big, people who play mobile games only would be able to play on their phone when they’re out then come home and play those same games with the same account on their Xbox on the big TV.

I’m not sure why that would be related to the xCloud stick. The stick would most likely just be Android. Its more likely it’s just part of upgrading to windows 11 os which will support Android apps

Oh that would be awesome.

And if Android apps are in the chances of they allowing win32 apps on the store to be installed on Xbox should so increase I guess

At this point let us dual boot Windows and Series Console will sales over 200 million console. Series X would literally be the best PC you can get for 500.


Better option would be to release a PC Gamepass OS on Xbox… Which would basically require a Gamepass ultimate subscription and the gamers can play the games while adjusting the settings like in a PC.

A simple PC boot can hurt Xbox and microsoft because they may not get any revenue from that Xbox sold.

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ok pack yo bags lmao