MS Access could this be the beginning of a 2 year console cycle?

I had looked at the Access programme when it became available in the UK. I already had the X but it seemed very mobile phone in execution. I have money saved for both consoles but with the way the world has gone I was going to hang back on the PS5 and get the X.

But with Access allowing new customers to come on board the old terms of having to pay off the previous contract first is not valid now. I had a conversation with the UK MS rep and he confirmed you can go all in with the finance as a new customer even though currently it says opposite in the Access programme site.

But my question is when the 2 years are up will MS want you to stay in paying a mobile type contract? To entice you maybe a revision to the Series X/S.

This is all hypothetical but the more I think of it this could be the play from MS. I’m not against it if the value is there but just wanted some thoughts from our community.


I doubt it. Meaningful console revisions cost research/time/money. I think they’ll be happy to keep selling Series S’s as they are for a long, long time.

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After 2 years they will hope you keep subscribed to game pass, that’s all.

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LOL, I thought this thread was about running the Microsoft database software on next-gen consoles for a second. I doubt that two years is enough time to warrant a revision.

lol no…a console is an entirely different beast from a smart phone. I do hope they stick with 5 year console gens though, not this 7 year BS that we had to put up with.


MS needs to recoup their investment. As the BOM gets cheaper, they make more money to offset the loss that they are initially taking.

2 years is too short for that.