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Watching The Diplomat on Netflix, while I see a few issues in general it’s really great so far.

Bad Boys : Ride or Die

So this week I watched all the BB movies again to get ready for the new one.

I like it. It’s what you expect. A repeat of several scenes from Bad Boys for Life but slightly different, plenty action, jokes that for me didn’t always land. Not nearly as much as the other movies. It isn’t as good as the previous one for me, that one back in 2020 legit shocked me in a good way, because I had no faith in a new BB after so many years since 2.

But just like the previous one, this one has some very human/realistic aspects to it and I dig that. It’s kinda remarkable how the third and fourth movies are better than the second one, this doesn’t happen all that much with movies. For me:

  • Bad Boys
  • Bad Boys for Life
  • Bad Boys : Ride or Die
  • Bad Boys 2

What do u mean ‘straight’ ? U didnt like Vice ?

Straight, as in completely serious. They’ll likely leave out the goofy, wacky stuff the LAD games have.


Really enjoyed this. The biggest complaint I had was that it did some stuff that seemed implausible security wise, not having cameras or security in some specific places that helped the story, but honestly the story is good enough to kind of forgive it. Also cliffhanger ending with two major things being set up in a matter of minutes, definitely went out with a bang.

Also really liked the Gentlemen. Had seen the movie, this is very similar but different, standalone and much better. Characters were great and totally believable. Loved the dark humor.

Rest in peace Donald Sutherland.

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He’s always one to start new things but never finish.

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A quiet Place : Day One

I had no expectations whatsoever for this and i ended up really liking it. In fact, I wish it was longer, I wanted even more. And that’s obviously a compliment for the movie.

Great acting, several parts that are very humane, what I really like is how you can see the fear these characters have, truly, genuinely scared for what is happening and I feel in monster movies this often doesn’t feel as genuine.

Now I really want to watch the first and second movies again.

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Had zero expectations for the new Beverly Hills Cop movie, after 40 years…but it’s a surprisingly good movie. It stays true to the character Axel Foley, it has the old cast with new ones and they are all great. A pleasant surprise for sure. And the humor didn’t feel cheap to me, genuinely laughed about it.

Finally checked out Extraction 2. Might even be better than the first. It’s with these movies that Chris really shows he isn’t only the “clown” actor playing Thor, he can be serious and act quite well at that.

Haven’t watched it yet, but it does seem to have turned out well from what reviews I’ve seen.

Yeah, he’s not bad, just needs to distance himself from the MCU. The upcoming Hulk Hogan biopic should help if done right.

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Started watching Six feet Under and I’m at season 4 now and I’m kinda getting ready for shit to be over. There definitely is good stuff here but I am getting sick and tired of the many, many way too many sex scenes. I mean, I fucking get it, jesus.

Don’t get me started on how they all seem to be dirty ass cheaters too, tiresome as hell. Liked some characters at the start of the show but now they are all becoming quite unlikeable, maybe even insufferable.

It’s starting to remind me of trash soaps like The Bold and the Beautiful, but with better acting, lmao.

Just finished Suits for the 3 time.