Movies and TV projects based on Xbox franchises (current: Fallout, Halo, Grounded, Minecraft)

I’m sure the Lord of the Rings series is gonna help Amazon Prime even further.

Just hoping it’s good man. 2023 we could have both TLOU and Fallout, two premium post-apocalyptic shows :eyes:

Power of big IP is important.

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It also depends on their execution. So we will have to wait to see.

There was all sorts of hype around Amazon’s Wheel of Time series too. I watched it and was mostly disappointed for every episode. It fell flat at every turn. It had potentional but then failed to reach it. I know others thought it was good, but it felt more lke a second tier series than a tier one Game of Throne level series. It really didn’t seem any different from say their Britannia series. Everything about is just so mediocre despite their hopes that it would become their “Game of Throne series”. Amazon abandoned that one after one season, while Sky went on for a second and then Epix partnered up for season three.

Anyways, if history is any indicator the LoTR Series for Amazon may be a bt of a nothing-burger. I’m hoping they finally make something great, but don’t expect them to.

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The fans aren’t very optimistic. That’s for sure.

In the end HBO’s new Game of Thrones series might be better.

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Considering this chart

I wonder if the market share of Prime Video is mainly due to being bundled with Amazon Prime

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Definitely is. I get it from my brother’s Amazon account and he subs to Prime which is like $5. It’s a very aggressive subscriber acquisition phase.

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And unlike Netflix, Amazon can afford to do that. For example Apple One (music, arcade and TV) is also very cheap. Netflix lacks that warchest money that big tech giants can leverage.

Because let’s be real - the revenue and profits of Netflix are basically nothing in comparison to what big tech giants earn.

I wonder who could make the inevitable Elder Scrolls TV series. It just makes too much sense , especially since Bethesda has started branching into TV with Fallout + Todd said last year that a lot of people wanted to do TES.

The lore and the universe are so damn big and the IP so popular that it’s bound to follow the Fallout treatment.

Not sure who would be the prime candidate for Bethesda to strike a deal with… HBO, Netflix and Amazon all have their big medieval fantasy franchise in the works at the moment. Though I don’t think it matters a lot ultimately.

  • HBO has Game of Thrones / House of Dragons

  • Netflix has The Witcher

  • Amazon has The Lord of the Rings

With a big budget, good writers and composer, this could really be a global phenomenon if well executed. Especially if this could air around the same time as The Elder Scrolls VI releases some years from now.

I also think that a Starfield TV show is coming sooner than later, considering that Todd said one year ago it was a “great world to put a show in”. In this case, I could easily see Amazon Video as the prime candidate as for Fallout. Especially since The Expanse has finished for them and it was very popular.

What comes next? A companion mini-game like “Fallout Shelter” is “unlikely,” according to Howard, but Bethesda is not ruling out a movie or TV series in the future. Bethesda is currently developing a “Fallout” TV show with “Westworld” producers Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy for Amazon Prime Video.

“It’s a great world to put a show in,” Howard said. “We took a good decade on ‘Fallout’, looking, listening to lots of takes and pitches. I think it’s about finding the right creative team. A lot of people want to do ‘The Elder Scrolls’ as well, but that’s not something we’re doing right now.”

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I was a bit disappointed with wheel of time more because it didn’t fit up with the books, they really cut and added some things that just didn’t work right. Coincidentally just saw they’ve renewed for third season.

If LotR and Fallout are quality and successful then Amazon could also pick TES.


It will be interesting to see how people find a way to gatekeep an Elder Scrolls series, because it will happen for sure just like with everything else.

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I think it will be tough to make an TES series because of the main theme of catastrophic events that happen in every game. Any series based on it will have to lead to something similar along the way, like how game of thrones tried with the white walkers, but hopefully not as slow and so far in the background that it’s rushed to fit it in.

Then we have to see just how much leeway Bethesda gives with the IP, as they are protective enough of it to have Zos seek approval for any story they want to tell first.

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And on the earnings call, CEO Bob Bakish specifically touted “Halo” as a top driver globally for subscribers and acquisitions.

The growth for Paramount’s SVOD streaming service is impressive after comparing it to the continued loss of subscribers for the quarter for Netflix earlier this quarter, as well as the Peacock subscribers that stayed flat for the quarter.