Movies and TV projects based on Xbox franchises (current: Fallout, Halo, Grounded, Minecraft, Gears of War)

If Amazon can keep that same level of energy, writing, set pieces, and production value with their Fallout series, then we’re in for a treat.


Provided there aren’t any scheduling conflicts, or some other technicality gets in the way, I’m assuming Bautista will star. Could be fun.


I think he said recently that he had moved on from the idea of playing Marcus.

Oh. Bummer. Hopefully he’s open to changing his mind.

He has been involved in at least two Netflix production in the past, I’m thinking of Army of the Dead and Glass Onion. There may be more, those are just off the top of my head. Point is, if Netflix want him, there’s a pre-existing relationship there that may help persuade him. :man_shrugging:

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Bautista would make a great Marcus Fenix.

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If he did, he appears to have reconsidered:



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Just finished Halo season 1

As a sci-fi show this isn’t bad, I enjoyed it a lot more than I expected I would. The acting is fine, nothing wrong there, I really dig the actress playing Halsey. John is aight I guess.

As a Halo show though, it’s not really a Halo show for me. Not when the fucking Master Chief himself is more outside of his suit than in it. It’s such a shame because he looks damn cool when he’s in the full suit. They really never should have made him remove the helmet.

The Mandalorian, he doesn’t take it off, we don’t see his face and it just…works! Way too often MC would take off the helmet and it just annoyed me. The show also just doesn’t have enough action. The balance needs to be better. The fights against the covenant were cool, really nice to see the Grunts too but it should have been way more.

And of course, of course they had to give Chief a love interest. Whom at first seems hell bent on getting what she wants but she rather quickly turns around once she’s “captured” by the UNSC.

The way season 1 ends with Cortana having taken over, I’m hopeful we’re gonna get Chief as we want it, well, I sure do, less talking, less outside of the bad-ass suit. But I would not be shocked at all if they manage to find a way that he becomes chatty again and constantly taking the helmet off and/or be outside of his suit a lot.


Todd hyping me up about the Fallout show, even though I was already all in because of Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy.

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Top 10 of the most viewed series/movies on the service where Halo was aired in France (there wasn’t Paramount + as it just launched this month).

Ranked 4th (and 2nd series).

  1. LeFlambeau
  2. BacNord
  3. Encanto
  4. Halo
  5. TheBatman
  6. Désordres
  7. Uncharted
  8. DexterNewBlood
  9. PourrisGâtés
  10. TokyoVice

Also did very well on Paramount + worldwide.