More info on Xbox's Next-Gen Financial Strategy

“I like to talk about how engagement equals currency. If customers are playing, they’re buying more things from our partners, they’re buying more things from us, and their enjoyment goes up.

Our goal was to increase that top-of-funnel as fast as possible, get people into the ecosystem, get people into that next-gen experience, and frankly kind of kick-start this generation as fast as we can. If you can get that install base as big as you can up front, you have customers enjoying the next-gen experiences we have to offer. And from a business side, we start to monetize and build a customer lifetime value much faster than a slow build over time.”

-Xbox CFO Tim Stuart

I’m happy to see this financial-focused website caught the same hint I did wrt how MS is marketing the next gen platform. Namely, they are putting All Access front and center as THE way to get an Xbox. The full priced option is merely an alternative and is secondary wrt MS’s market positioning. I think that is a huge deal that many onlookers are sleeping on. That could be the most disruptive thing in gaming since the Wii.


I’ve thought about this as a way to get my kid GPU, and a small discount on the overall package, too! Sadly (for the kid), we’re refinancing our mortgage and I’ve put a hold on all credit. So I will likely have to buy ours outright and he can keep game sharing with his friends.

I’m likely getting both XSX/XSS and will maybe do XSS outright and XSX financed.

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Isn’t financing the XSS the larger savings?

Hmmm. I suppose you’re right. Depends if I feel like spending $500 all at once though.


If you buy Gamepass at msrp.


If you grift a little and collect MS points and cheap GP deals.

Good point! I always buy gold/gp on a sale somewhere!