Mikami-san leaves Tango

I think Mikami has done a good job fostering talents and has left Tango in good hands :+1:

Lets see what he does next, does he retire or end up at Capcom or some other new studio in Japan?


Top 5 game developer/director of all time. Cant think of many better. Miyamoto and sakaguchi come to mind

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Not a huge loss, he’s clearly pushed the studio towards new hands and he wants to do other things/retire. The studio is great now and he has done more than enough for gaming to be able to rest now if he wants.

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Can a guy just goes elsewhere or retire? without it being some conspirecy theory lol. He is almost 60 years old.


Dude, you are making too much sense. We can’t have that!


I guess there’s always a chance he isn’t retiring yet, since he doesn’t say it here, nor did Bethesda. But on the other hand, he isn’t obligated to say either.

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Wasnt the intent to start conspiracy theories. Man is a legend in the industry so what ever he does is interesting news. Even if thats retirement.

I hope him the best and look forward to whoever takes over tango


In the case he does join another studio or a partnership for his dream game, then I definitely would wonder why he didn’t decide to do so while at Zenimax and Xbox with Xbox budget.

But I definitely can see him just calling it quits, or maybe helping someone out perhaps but that dream game…I don’t see that happening anymore.