Microsofts BlizzCon is coming up ! What do you expect to see ? (3rd Nov)

They certainly do deserve to be treated with scorn so did the CMA, but Microsoft clearly went out of their way to soothe these regulators even giving concessions that weren’t needed.

You’re definitely correct but we have seen 2 rogue regulators going crazy with power and making up nonsensical theories, I’m just saying caution isn’t bad. Perhaps they might want to see if there is any chance of knocking sense into the FTC this December as it doesn’t cost Microsoft anything.


to actually stay on topic, there will probably br WoW news, OW2 news, and Diablo news. Maybe they announce the new survival game. Phil will probably be o the show floor but not stage

Some Bing Art I made….


I’m pretty sure will see a STARCRAFT 3 teaser

Jez said he is pretty sure a Starcraft game is in development but not sure what type.

I wouldn’t worry about the FTC honestly, by the time they(it’s a big if) get somewhere, judging by the political headwinds in the U.S., Lina Khan might not even be commissioner of the FTC anymore when/if that time comes.

As for blizzcon, I want to see Odyssey, I really don’t think this really adds anything new to the FTC case, it’s a new IP without a existing player base if they decide it would be exclusive.

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We need Hearthstone and World of Warcraft to both come to Xbox. We need StarCraft: Legacy Collection comprised of StarCraft Remastered and StarCraft 2 coming to Xbox as well. Resurrect Heroes of the Storm and bring it to Xbox and Switch.

Then run tons of Gamepass commercials with perks for Blizzard games included with Ultimate.

Final touch is show the new game coming exclusively to PC and Xbox.

Heroes of the storm needs to be reinvigorated with Xbox characters added in