Microsoft/Xbox Q2 earnings FY 2022. Gaming Revenue increased by 8%

Full press release:


:joy: they definitely need Sony for cod money


If anyone can save the Nasdaq right now, its MS.

And yet, the stock price was down 3% in post-hours trading.

Classic stock manipulation bullshit. Been like this for the past year across the market.

They had almost $140 billion in cash in the bank, and they can replenish the cash amount paid for the Activision/Blizzard acquisition in about three financial quarters. That is pretty crazy.


It’s climbing back up. It was 5.5% drop. They must have Square Enix level of expectations.

At this rate, Microsoft will recoup $70 billion before even the Activision acquisition is completed :joy:


people underestimate but MS is second in cloud to AWS and the have office 365 and other stuff to make money and they are reinvesting in gaming to get it to these levels too.

So basically, Microsoft is now the carrier to tech stock. Talk about huge expectations on them because of what’s going on now.

There’s still the results of the Fed meeting today/tomorrow but still, Netflix got hammered by not meeting expectations for their results (and yeah, I’m hold shares for them :face_vomiting:), so I thought MS exceeding expected results would be good…but no? WTF.

It is good but since they are like the carrier, the pressure is much harder on them. Basically, it’s like Square Enix’s expectations level. Double or nothing.

Stocks are bad examples just because investors aren’t happy when you make AN INCREDIBLE AMOUNT OF MONEY simply because you didn’t make ALL THE MONEY.

They don’t want ALOT OF MONEY, they want ALL THE MONEY.



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I’m an MS investor and I WANT ALL THE MONEY! :wink:

That’s where we are with MS, where a game publisher becomes a currency amount to describe their net income:

How much did MS make?

Two Bethesdas.

One day, they will make a full Activation in net income.

i should have bought the stock before Satya was the new ceo.

Massive numbers.

“Bur but but COD has to be on PlayStation to make their money back!”

Think about this. By the time the Activision deal closes their war chest will actually be bigger than it is now.


5:30 pm EST is the conference call. Less than 30 minutes away.