Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass service grows to over 25 million subscribers


A bit lower than expected as I thought upwards of 30 million was possible. But the service is still seeing healthy growth and CoD on Game Pass alone must surely add millions to the service when it eventually happens.


funny only time i see numbers is for milestones or to announce alongside news like this.

It’s probably to assure investors that the service is still growing and therefore needs feeding.

Almost 10m over 12 months is pretty good, there was always going to be slow down and I’d say the last 3 months might speed up the number.

It’s probably getting revealed on the 25th anyway during their investor calls.

Yeah I mentioned that the service is still seeing healthy growth, so it is still good news.

It will reach 70 Billion in no time… Now :wink:

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It was also mentioned in this Xbox news post as “more than 25 million”.


It grew less than expected imo, most people guessed ~30M by end 2021. I guess Activision Blizzard is coming to the rescue, lmao.

25m+ is good but not going to lie, I was expecting over 30m. My prediction of 35m+ was obviously way off.

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This is what happens when people leak the wrong numbers it sets the wrong expectations, it was always going to slow down.


Growing by 6+ Million is a pretty good pace. Of course I would like it to be at 35+ Million. That’s when things get more interesting.

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It was 7mil over 12 months. The 18mil figure was through year end 2020. That all said, with essentially the complete catalogue from XGS, Activision, EA (tho delayed), Zenimax and possibly Ubisoft (eventually?) that figure is gonna get a huge shot in the arm leading into 2022.

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