Microsoft reportedly designing its own ARM-based processors for Surface PCs and servers

Well, it seems that, according to Bloomber, Microsoft could be designing its own ARM-based processors for its cloud infrastructure, and maybe even some surface products. If that is true, then it could be even more competition for Intel down the line, who remains as the leader in that area.

Microsoft is designing its own ARM-based processors for servers and possibly a future Surface device, according to Bloomberg News . The processors will be used in servers for Microsoft’s Azure cloud services and be based around ARM designs, according to the report. Microsoft is also reportedly “exploring” using another chip for some of its Surface devices, but it’s not clear if this will progress into a final product.

A move to ARM on the server side is certainly more significant, particularly for Intel. Apple has already signaled its move away from Intel chips for its Mac products, with its own M1 silicon based on ARM designs. Intel’s Xeon server chips currently rule the server market, and AMD has already been chipping away at this lucrative market with its own EPYC processors.

Who knows, maybe down the line, Microsoft will do its own APU’s for consoles :grinning:


I would like to see the seriesS SoC in a surface device one day, maybe on 3nm.

I also wonder if one day they could do an xbox series console with an arm processor, Microsoft are very good at emulation, it would be surprise me if they could virtualize the series CPU in a ARM Cpu.

That would be great to see, and all of that shows that MS is tipping their toes more and more into hardware.