Microsoft Flight Simulator on Series S? Please?

I know, it wouldn’t be running anywhere near Ultra settings (few PCs can apparently) but MFS for Series S at £249 via Game Pass? Yes please!

With the Halo delay its a pity MFS won’t be available for release on Series S|X this Xmas.

Probably sometime next year. Will be much better on Series X, but I am very interested to see how they adapt it to a console. It will be a challenge from the sheer number of keys …

Yes it would not be a problem, i would be surprised if they go 1440p though.

They might be able to pull it off with optimization of a fixed console spec, VRS and DirectML.

I believe Flight Simulator is more dependent on the CPU than most games so since the Series X and S share the same CPU it should run similarly on both machines (at a lower resolution of course)

I believe the game is currently using DX11, I think I saw talk about DX12 being used for a future update which would also benefit the consoles for performance.

Then there’s VRS, mesh-shaders and other efficiency savings from the new GPU which would (hopefully) help as well.

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its coming to console…dont worry

Yeah, I know, but I’ve not seen anything official about a Series S release…which, considering the console wasn’t even officially announced 24 hours ago, probably isn’t that surprising. :grinning:

Its a killer app, especially for a £249 console.

Don’t worry I reckon we’ll hear about it soon. MFS really needs a good cpu and an SSD and Series S has all of the above :slight_smile:


I hope my flying skills do the hardware justice…ok that’s unlikely. :rofl:

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Have you played it? I’m not sure that the MS controller has enough buttons in its current state. Like I said, will be interesting to see how they go about porting it. Same for the new Age of Empires if it is ported

It can be played with an Xbox controller on PC.

Anything that’s playable on Series X will be playable on Series S.

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Have I played it? Not even gonna try right now, my old PC would have a thermonuclear reaction if I tried and in-game, Bing Maps would have to replace my area with a huge crater. :boom:

I’m probably going to get the X but I really want to see this game on the S, it would be great for the game (influx of new players galore) and the console (killer-app).

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OP you can be sure about that

It does make you wish that MS directed resources from the other teams that were trying to assist in getting Halo ready for launch were instead moved to this project.

FS isn’t much of a “game” for console players who desire something more than a simulator. They want missions, a campaign, etc. Console players can be a bit closed minded in this regard.

But the Series X|S doesn’t need a game, it’s needs a technical showcase, and that’s what this game can be for the console. And one that I and many others would love to experience.

Well, this console player loves that sort of stuff :grinning:, but yeah, shame about Halo but as one of the two people on this forum who wasn’t really into that game (!), that news didn’t disappoint me that much.

Agreed on MFS but I’m sure that’s going through the Xbox checklist, preparing for take-off.

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Confirmed Mouse and Keyboard support on Xbox, nice.