Microsoft-Activision-Blizzard Discussion Thread


I guess it finally registered his brain on why the whole file made Sony look foolish.


I was surprised by his earlier video being so relaxed about it. Everyone can see this is then trying to play the FTC. Glad to see him clearly calling it out.


This just popped up after I was searching on YouTube about the Sony comments.

I’m sorry but when you have something called the “PlayStation advantage” and have all these exclusive things and bonuses, then moan about it being unfair that Xbox will get them instead now and people might choose Xbox over PlayStation because of those bonuses… it’s kinda hard to feel bad for them.

Isn’t it ironic they did the very thing they’re complaining about Microsoft will do, but when Microsoft does it then it’s unfair and how could they, lmao they sound like their bloody fan base.


Sony has no more higher ground here. I just hope that it will piss off Microsoft so it will stop playing nice with Sony.


Very. And yet again it reminds me of my favourite quote from one of my favourite pieces here on Xboxera:

…we now have a Microsoft that is securing their position in the market by simply buying the kind of brand power that Sony had effectively been renting up until now.



I wanted to ask, do call of duty tournaments use Playstations? And will this mean that the pros will have to use an Xbox for all future tournaments? Or do they only take place on PC?

I believe the switched to PC recently.

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Damm mobile is freaking freaking HUGE!!

In Q2 2022, mobile generated $831 million and accounted for 51% of total quarterly earnings. Mobile beat all other segments combined including console ($376 million), PC ($332 million), and other, which includes distribution and Overwatch/Call of Duty League earnings ($105 million).

The largest contributor was King, who made $684 million of the total $831 million net revenues, or about 82%. It was already easy to see why Microsoft wanted to buy Activision before, but with growing mobile earnings like these, the incentives become much more noticeable.


This is another reason Take 2 and EA are so much more enticing than someone like a Capcom, Sega, Ubisoft. These companies are absolutely massive in this huge market that MS is really just getting into.

New Zealand merger commission decision due date is today. The site states the decision as completed.


So we should find out NZ’s decision today or tomorrow, if I’ve understood their timeline correct.


It’s technically the 11th in the New Zealand, if I have to make a guess they might publish a document stating their decision later today or some other day. They might have notified the involved parties about their decision by now and have a more formal document at a later date.


Do you think it would have been 50/50 if Vanguard hadn’t slumped sales wise? Or even been in favor of pc and consoles?

I personally don’t think so. Mobile market is enormous and growing. Diablo Immortal earned 100m in a month (or week)…

Definitely, and very like where that’s heading, but in total there’s a 1% difference between mobile and console+pc+other currently and that’s with Vanguard having a slump.

Update: The commission extended the date to September 2nd!


Damm! Just say if it goes through or not already!

At leasr I think that by September we will have already heard from a lot of them.


They took a look at the discourse happening on twitter today.



Is there a list of all worldwide approval agencies (for lack of better term) and what their status is on this acquisition?

I want to know if I need to buy mw2 or not dammit

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