Microsoft-Activision-Blizzard Discussion Thread

like do people realize sony would be more at risk for anti-trust scrutiny if they purchased a large publisher, moreso than MS due to the state of the gaming market?

Yeah, if I was an investor this would be my first thought.

Strap yourself in for the next year!


Pardon if anybody takes what Im going to say the wrong way next

But I am sick and tired of people expecting xbox to be the Red Cross of gaming. Literally nobody asks or demands anybody else the shit people are demanding of xbox with their purchases and games. Be it game pass on switch, ps5, exclusivity and all that.

Where is this energy for Nintendo games becoming more accessible or ps now on xbox? Why is it xbox the one that has to share the stuff they have certainly worked hard for in this industry?

Its beyond me this attitude and expectations of xbox that people have.


I never seen such a divided answer to a post. This is going to be a really long wait.

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Ok, what’s next? Elder Scrolls 6 also releasing on PS5? Start with one, might as well release everything else.

Sony wouldn’t even think twice about keeping COD out of Xbox if it were them.

This “good guy” attitude is starting to piss me off like never before.


Technically They cannot talk about exclusive yet anyways right cause the deal won’t close until next year i think this is PR move once deal close is when they can do whatever but first it must closes

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Anyone thinking MS are going to keep COD on PS because of the antitrust / DoJ investigation really need to have their heads checked.

“Oh wait, you promise you will keep releasing call of duty on Playstation”. Great thanks, acquisition confirmed…

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It’s a video game, not a utility. Sony will be fine without it. :smile:

Phil already said Elder Scrolls 6 is exclusive.

Yeah ima just head out I can see where this is going lol

I wish Spencer would stop talking. Everyone knows how this statement wil be interpreted and everyone should know if he keeps Warzone on PS the statement rings true.


Honestly, I don’t care because gamepass means I’m getting fed. However, where was the journalist outcry for known multiplats like street fighter being full exclusive, spiderman known multiplat character being blocked on anything xbox, Final fantasy exclusivity getting extended, most likely blocking persona on switch, and list goes on. I just feel the bias of Microsoft has not play nice is weird when Sony for example is ruthless and doesn’t put their foot off the gas pedal if they have you down

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Bet you would be wrong. There are still a TON of onlookers who see gaming as a battle between consoles, and such a move would look anti-competitive when CoD is the dominant revenue driver for PSX sw.

It isn’t really adequate just to assert that MS is competing with Google, Facebook, Amazon, Tencent, etc. when they are still competing with Sony and Nintendo too. They can’t argue that they are not competing with Sony/Nintendo in one breath and then say ‘well Sony has more revenue than us so clearly the competition is doing fine!’. Those are contradictory arguments that won’t hold up when pressed.

If that were the case he would not have split his response into two parts, one including contracts (which your argument refers to) and another part saying they plan to keep CoD coming to PSX systems.

Neat. It isn’t laughable to the actual ppl in our govt. making decisions about what kinda scrutiny this gets and their opinion matters more than yours, so…/shrugs


Is that really what ppl imagine regulators do? Yikes…and we need our heads checked?! Come on now folks. lol

The Government doesnt care about plastic gaming boxes.

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Warzone will stay on PS cause it a live service and is not mainline COD so yes it is true what phil said lol

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IMO this tweet is as direct as it can be. Phil wants to keep COD multiplatform.