March system update rolling out (Wireless headset support; Toogles for FPS Boost + Auto HDR; And more)

Because its a quiet day in Xbox land: :slightly_smiling_face:


Nice update here. Good to see the return of achievements to the mobile app (although they shouldn’t have been removed in the first place).


Time to test ReCore.


Achievements back on mobile. Happy about that.

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Love that these options will be saved on a game-by-game basis. Excited to see all this roll out.

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Test what exactly?

Today I noticed the update process got really fast now. This time less than 5 minutes (Series X). I remember the times with my One X when that update lasted about 15 minutes.

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Cool glad we are getting these options, now I just need some place to see all the games in quick resume and for the Series X to NOT throttle the network so much when I have games open even if I’m on the dashboard

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Jason Ronald said on the Iron Lords Podcast the other day that the team is looking into possibly having a list of games for Quick Resume along with having the ability to add/remove games to it but it may not be until later this year but the team is working on possible solutions.


Yeah he had also mentioned this previously as well as something they are looking into. I am liking this seeming initiative by Xbox to give the user control how he/she wants their Xbox experience.

The FPS boost for this game would be a game changer for me, such a perfect flow in traversal in this game, 60 FPS would be the cherry on the cake <3

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The network throttling during quick resume is my only complaint so far with the Series X.

However, I will (and do!) whine about not getting BC games on the FPS boost list fast enough, or ML taking too long for some potential uprez of non-X enhanced games. That’s a testament and compliment to the amazing job Xbox is doing with their library!

60 fps boost. If it works. Cause it’s only X enhanced (4k, HDR) but it’s still 30 on consoles.

Oh, I didn’t see any ‘compatibility options’ when I checked that game unfortunately.

No new frameboost games this day, this is dissapointing :worried:

I just died a little inside. Thanks for this.

Sweet, after the update we should hopefully get the next batch of FPS Boost games on 3/17!

So where do you find these options for games? Got the update but cant see the options

Doesn’t the article say that the update is going out on 3/16?

Press the Menu button on whatever title you’re checking, move down to Manage Games and Add-ons, then on the left you’ll see ‘Compatibility options’, click that.

This options will only be there for games that are previously said to have FPS Boost or Auto-HDR; everything else simply won’t have ‘Compatibility options’ as an option.