Map Setup Template

A map with all gamemodes, weapons, equipment & vehicles setup correctly. Includes a fully supported nav mesh for bots with all kinds of usages like gravity lifts, a teleporter, crouching areas, max clamber height etc.

The main purpose of the map is to show players how to setup your map correctly and prefab items from it to your map, but it can also be used as a base starting canvas to your map by using the platform at 0, 0, 900 in the sky (be aware that Okom1 & Mr Kwatz will be put into the credits if you do this). 3 scaling volumes are also set up to get a reference on how large a 2v2, a 4v4 and a 12v12 map a should be (based on dev maps and various community maps that play well).

Includes an organized folder structure where all parts of the map are separated into their own categories.

Comments on various mechanics of the map are included in different script brains located near each mechanic such as how to setup spawn volumes, if you don’t fully understand it just from looking at the options.

Be sure to also check out the prefabs I made from this map with the gamemodes, weapons, equipment and vehicles grouped together:

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