Looking for a tablet that does what I need it to do

Hey all,

So I am looking for a tablet that will play Netflix and Crunchyroll without any issues while I’m on vacation or a trip. It doesn’t need to be ridiculously crisp, doesn’t need to be the highest resolution. It also doesn’t have to be lightning fast, neither should it be a slug.

I feel that for the things I will use it for (probably cast to tv too) I don’t need a Samsung or IPad at all. I’ve seen tablets that go as low as 60 bucks. So absolutely go ahead and recommend me cheap ones if there are decent ones.

I recently purchased my wife the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite. She LOVES it and it’s really a Netflix and Pandora streaming device for her. She loves the stylus that comes with it, and she plays a lot of match-3 type puzzle games on it, too.

It was recently on sale at Coscto I(looks like it still is?) with the cover for under $300 and is performing surprisingly well with good responsiveness switching between tabs and tasks.

Take a peek?


[Edit: quick initial response. Re-define your idea of “cheap” for me? :slight_smile:]

Hmmm, well

I’ve seen tablets under 100 bucks like Lenovo and Alcatel that is about 100 bucks. But are they worth it?

I’m pretty sure even the basic Amazon Fire tablets will do what you need. You can even lightly mod them to remove the Amazon stuff and run the regular android if you want. They go on sale like 4 times a year for really cheap.

I agree with any calls for Amazon Fire tablets, something like the HD 8 Plus which is £110 at the moment. If you can hold out (depending on when your trip is) you normally get these and other tablets on sale during Black Friday.


I ended up with a tablet alright, but it’s also a laptop. Very similar to Surface. I managed to buy the HP Elite X2 1012 for 140 euros. It has been used but in good condition and again…it’s 2 in 1. Awesome. Windows 10 Pro and everything, SSD etc. According to reviews it’s almost on par with a Surface Pro 4.

Beats the snot outta tablets I know of at that price point. My wife almost leaned a similar direction (but with Surface) until she found that her games from Google play wouldn’t work. Saved me more money for the extra XSX SSD add in!