Layoffs at Microsoft hit 343 industries and Bethesda Games Studios



The type of real world thinking that a corporate wide policy not good for game development would be seen at their other game development studios. :wink: The type of critical thinking skills that understands just because something is reported doesn’t mean it’s the full story. :wink:


Lol, I almost spit out my drink.

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the Unreal Engine and Unity are pretty much standard cos this companies open them to the public so I don’t see why Slipspace can’t be open to the public as well. Let students in school train with it. Also doesn’t UE5 struggle with frame rates in an open world. We don’t need any 30 0r 40fps halo games in UE5.

With a lot of Xbox studios now partnering and co-developing with other studios. They just might reach out to Ubisoft to develop the next Halo campaign and maybe a Destiny like Halo game. The Halo infinite campaign was structured like a Ubisoft game and with Ubisoft down that massive workforce could use some extra projects to infuse cash into the company.

ABK have a rumored destiny like game in production at infinity ward

One of the reasons that there has been a slew of cuts at big tech companies is investor pressure. This is just the most open version of it:

Maybe but we don’t know what concessions could come with ABK and Activision uses all their studios for COD. Regardless Halo is going to have to evolve and 343 just does not have the workforce neither do I think Microsoft is going to hire such a force. Best thing is to work with a studio that is specialized in that line of work. Ubisoft just happens to be specialized and also in need of work. Also, it’s a way Microsoft builds and strengthen partnership. Rare just got Lucid the devs of Destruction all-stars to work on Sea of thieves.
I would certainly like to see a third person Halo destiny like game capture the idea of Anthem.

I know this is off topic but about anthem, how is that game not the most played live service game of the past decade? When it came out I was playing other things and paid zero attention to it, started hearing reports of it somehow bring garbage so I never gave it a second thought.

I randomly got a suggestion for an anthem gameplay video like a week ago and was shocked at how beautiful it looked and played, what the hell did they screw up so badly?

I also like ANTHEM and enjoyed it, but I got tired of doing the same thing which I assume is the case for many. Games like this are ongoing so they need continuous story drops, locations, progression, loot and so on. Pretty much same problem plaguing Halo. The game had so much potential but too much trouble behind closed doors.

Unreal Engine 5 be like:

The core gameplay loop was great. But it had A LOT of stability issues, crazy long loading screens (and lots of them) along with a general lack of content and loot to keep people coming back.

I played it in coop with a few friends and we gave up after having multiple crashes in a row right at the end of the game in the exact same place.

BioWare/EA committed to a long term plan to support, update and fix the issues. They fixed some of the stability issues and managed a few middling “content seasons.” By middling I mean the updates came so slowly that your base location (think Destiny Tower) was still decked out for Christmas in mid-February. A year later they went back on that commitment and formally abandoned it completely.

For me it’s an example of the opposite of a No Man’s Sky or Sea of Thieves situation, where a developer acknowledges issues and works with the community to fix and deliver a quality product. They basically shamelessly abandoned it to focus on ME4 and the next Dragon Age. Something which, despite BioWare being one of my favourite developers, I won’t be forgetting.

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This is why employees need more protections.

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