Kotaku: Xbox Smart Delivery Turned Out To Be A Pretty Big Deal

That’s the one thing I still don’t like about Ms marketing. Sony would never miss the chance to go for the jugular and made everyone immediately aware of what this feature is and how Xbox doesn’t have it.

Ms has been amazing into anticipating all the shortcomings from Sony since the pro, but they market it only for people who already are in the know

Just need a way to control what games are QR and the current xbox UI would be perfect.


I’m glad i’m not buying a Ps5 until late this year or early next year, whenever God of war comes out. I can wait for Sony for Iron out these ridiculous Design flaws.

Activision at it again:

How to transfer Tony Hawk’s saves on PS5:

How to transfer Tony Hawk’s saves on Xbox:


Oof, it keeps happening. It really goes to show how MS planning ahead helped them not only sidestep this but make it so seamless that it seems like a generational difference between the two. I’ve been playing games for a while, and it still kind of blows me away how used to continuity of games and saves I’ve gotten. Going from “the new console doesn’t play games from the old consoles” to the current state of affairs is mind-bending.

Huge respect to the team responsible. It sucks that for this sort of thing, doing your job well means you get no recognition. If Sony hadn’t had such a ramshackle, jury-rigged system, it would have gone largely unnoticed and unappreciated.


That’s kind of funny at this point… Smart delivery actually delivers…


Shameless plug time.

Aparantely activision or Craptivision as I like to call them have put out a botched next gen version of TH on series consoles and it keeps crashing

And they refuse to use Smart Delivery lol.