Kotaku talks to the developers of The Gunk

A Nintendo-Friendly Studio Takes Their Next Game To Xbox (But Isn’t Exactly Done With Nintendo)

Original plans for the title:

The game had originally been planned for multiple platforms but Thunderful CEO Brjann Sigurgeirsson told Kotaku over email that streamlining development and working on more powerful hardware—at least compared to the Switch—would make things easier for the game’s 25-person team.

Microsoft’s involvement:

Sigurgeirsson said his team’s arrangement with Microsoft is classified.

They also go into more details about why they went the direction they did, the future of the Steamworld franchise, and it’s future working with Nintendo. Didn’t want to yoink the whole article though.

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This game looked interesting, and with Metroidvania elements? You vacuum the goo and get access to new pathways, I think?

The gameplay thing seemed to show so little. Looking forward to finding out more about it.

This is the closest we’ll get to a Blinx reboot haha, looks interesting tho, needs more gameplay shown to truly understand what’s going on

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This one looked like something that I might really like. I’d prefer a bit more colourful art direction, but I definitely want to see more.