Kena: Bridge of Spirits delayed to Q1 2021

Kena: Bridge of Spirits delayed to Q1 2021 which means Xbox Series X won’t get the game until Q1 2022 at the earliest. Disappointing but take your time Ember Lab. Side note, I fucking hate timed exclusives and I don’t give two shits who’s paying for them. Oh well. It is what it is.


No surprise here

Not surprised at all, as we’ve been seeing and will continue to see, more and more games shall get delayed. All these GaMeRs talking about how covid isn’t really an excuse have no idea what the fuck they’re talking about and keep getting disproven.

I’ll glady wait for this on pc when it launches, it’ll be great!


The only launch game on PS5 I was actually interested in. :confused:

Small dev team though and seems to be their first real game and is an ambitious project, so best for them to take time to make it great rather than rush it.


Launch is shaping up rough for both now. I wonder if Spidey’ll make it?

I think Miles Morales is getting delayed to March. Ratchet will be April. Just a wild hunch.

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Q4 2020 is crowded as hell. This year has been shit to work in due to COVID.

Good decision.

I don’t really mind timed exclusives for games like this. I think 6 months is enough though.

I really want to see the sales for this game considering the install base of playstation. Sure you hear about it a lot from the twitter accounts and forums but will the casual gamer care to play the kiddy graphics looking game?

You could be right. It’s a bit weird Sony has shown way more of Rachet than Spiderman despite the fact Spiderman is a launch title and by far the bigger IP.

Also, I thought Covid-19 didn’t affect game development :man_shrugging:.

I don’t wanna cast aspersions at Insomniac or Sony necessarily, but I’ve felt for a long time like Sony announces dates on stuff way too soon deliberately in order to pad out fanboy list wars on forums. Like, saying games A/B/C are all 2021 only for 2-3 of them to slip and the other title being less ambitious than was originally let on. Maybe that’s just my own cynicism though. >.>

If Spiderman does get delayed that’d seem pretty sketchy to me. That’d be 3 of their major ‘exclusive-ish’ games they highlighted at their JUNE conference and told us were launch games being delayed months out from launch when they should have known they wouldn’t make it.


Best looking (art style) PS5 exclusive. This is rough. Might not be the last delay

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Sales should be pretty good since it’s on PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. I will say this as a soon to be 42 year old - I definitely want to play Kena. I also believe that there’s a good chance it goes into Game Pass day one when it eventually releases on Xbox Series X/Xbox Series S.

Agree on everything you said.

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The game uses UE4

Yep. You’re spot on

Probably because of the spotlight being put on it and the expectations that were set.


It’s a timed exclusive

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That’s a shame. I look forward to playing it on the series X after the exclusivity period. I’ll wait I hope the devs stay healthy. Hopefully, this is the last PS5 launch game that gets delayed.

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There is some merit to what you think but I think it is an industry wide problem really.

If, and its still a big if, Spiderman is delayed it wouldn’t be sketchy. It would just hammer the point home to a lot of people that working from home during a global pandemic is going to introduce issues to your work flow and its not an ‘excuse’.

So if Spiderman MM doesn’t make it. Its basically a third party fest for both consoles.