Jim Ryan stepping down, ND MP factions cancelled, ND layoffs

I agree with everything you said.

I said what I said because you don’t see any articles whatsoever about Sony’s issues which is why they’ll be just fine. Until those who are heavily favored towards them start to actually call them out and whatnot, they’re not going to change to the level of Microsoft and even if they do, they’ll be so behind, it will be a too little too late scenario.

Like King David from the Iron Lords Podcast has said for over a year, “there’s no PlayStation 6”. Now, while I don’t truly believe that, it wouldn’t shock or surprise me if he ended up being right which he’s been more right than the so called insiders out there which is hilarious to me.

To each their own but for me, Sony has nailed their first party exclusives this generation -

  1. God of War Ragnarok - 9.5/10 (my 2022 goty and currently my #1 gotg)
  2. Horizon Forbidden West - 9.0/10 (excellent game and my 3rd best game of 2022)
  3. Marvel’s Spider Man: Miles Morales - 9.0/10 (excellent game)
  4. Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart - 9.0/10 (excellent game and my 2nd best game of 2021)

You do realize that just because YOU were a frustrated and disappointed PS5 owner, that doesn’t mean that others are too. I’m NOT disappointed or frustrated with Sony at all in regards to PlayStation 5 because it’s my secondary gaming console and just like Xbox One last generation, im not going to be judging it as if it’s my primary gaming console because it’s not. Thus far, I have been very happy with the PS5 and as my secondary gaming console this generation, it’s blowing away the PS4 which was my primary gaming console last generation in the same time period.

Regarding that post you highlighted -

  1. Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart was excellent and I loved it. My 2nd best game of 2021.

  2. I loved Horizon Zero Dawn. My 2017 game of the year and no, I don’t give two shits about BOTW in case you’re wondering. I absolutely wanted a sequel and im looking forward to the third game. I’m also looking forward to the stylized monster hunter type game and I hope I can play it solo.

  3. Ghost of Tsushima was the first game and we don’t know if the next game will be an actual sequel or be a “Ghost of ???” game like Assassin’s Creed. Tsushima though is fucking awesome. An excellent 9.5/10 and my 2020 game of the year. AC Valhalla was an 8.0/10 for me and very disappointing. Try again Ubi.

  4. You say that Sony has a sequel problem, well then I guess Microsoft has had this problem for 20 years in regards to Halo and 15+ for Gears and another 15+ with Forza Motorsport and 10+ for Forza Horizon.

Companies make games with the intention being that they can be a franchise which obviously means sequels. I don’t see why this is a bad thing.

  1. I only care about TLOUP3 and I do hope Druckmann wraps up the series. This I will give you because I actually agree. I do want the next Horizon and next Tsushima though, oh hell yeah!!

  2. Spider Man has had 2 games. Where is it 2 1/2? I have no problem with the location being the same as long as the content is great and enjoyable. I have played numerous AC games for example and just because the world and location is different doesn’t guarantee that the game is great. See Valhalla and others.

Personally, im perfectly happy with what I have gotten out of my PS5 this generation and there’s still 5 years to go. Already surpassed PS4 in the same time period and will most likely beat it out head to head once this generation concludes.

If anything, it simply sounds more like, YOU’RE not happy with Sony, PlayStation 5 and their output which is why you got rid of it. Sounds like their games aren’t for you and that’s it. Nothing wrong with that by the way because you sound in regards to Sony like I do with Nintendo. Simply not for us respectively.


Just dropping by…. You remember when I said that we should be very cautious about Factions after having seen literally nothing, not even an in-game screenshot and several people bagged on me because “my track record wasn’t as good as ND’s”? I remember, and I think this should serve as an example to the fact that Sony and its teams aren’t infallible.

I lament the employees who now have to find a job as soon as possible - this goes for this series of layoffs and every other: an industry-union is well passed due, and I hope that in the next few years devs are able to achieve just that. They deserve far better than what their companies and gamers respond with…


In response to @peter42O .

Yes we have huge differences in how we grade games. Just so we don’t get stuck there. I will fully acknowledge that I represent the mainstream gamer. Basically if you put a stack of 10 Ubisoft games and mixed them with a stack of 10 PlayStation games then tell me to order them by how good they are. It’s going to be a whole bunch of Ubisoft games in 1-10 spot and PlayStation will be mostly in the back 11-20.

It’s not to say that PlayStation makes bad games, just Ubisoft does it better. So yeah, no sense debating that since we are probably pretty far apart there.

Spider-Man New York Map is Spider-Man, Miles Morales, Spider-Man PS5 Remaster. And now with Spider-Man 2, that will be 3.5 times going back to the New York map. This is a freaking problem. It will get stale…

Like I said I’m less involved in the PlayStation franchises than you so I can say something like Horizon is a fun cool game but no one is asking for a sequel because hunting mechanical dinosaurs gets old. I guess we’d have to check the sales to see if I was right. Horizon VR was expected to carry the entire PSVR2 console launch… how’d that work out? :rofl:

It’s about excitement to the future, hype about the future. PlayStation games are getting too safe. I said very clearly they have an IP problem, not to necessarily nit pick their small stable of ip but to call attention to the fact that it isn’t enough. I need more… a lot more.

I’m a massive Ubisoft fanboy as they’re my favorite company, publisher and developer but in some ways, Sony is better but at the same time, they’re Ubisoft formulaic open world games. I love Ubisoft but for example, the only game to hit my 9.0/10 scale was Immortals Fenyx Rising. Valhalla, Legion and Far Cry 6 were all an 8.0/10 for me. None of these three games are even remotely close to HFW, GOWR, Ratchet or Miles Morales.

Valhalla was an over bloated mess of a game with the clunky combat/gameplay, broken stealth, horrible pacing, a story and characters that while good was just way too freaking long and the open world was just too damn big. I completed the story, viewpoints so I could fast travel and the raids to upgrade your settlement. Everything else I skipped because the combat/gameplay was off when compared to Odyssey and Origins. Like I have told @Staffy - Origins and Odyssey at 30FPS from last gen played better than Valhalla at 60FPS with VRR.

Legion had a unique idea but horrible AI, mediocre story due to the constant changing of characters and yet another boring open world game despite looking great just wasn’t it. When WD 2014 is the best in the series, you can see why Ubisoft ended the franchise.

Far Cry 6 tries to recapture Far Cry 3 but is nowhere close. Great antagonist and solid protagonist but the ending is horrible, the journey to get there isn’t much better and while the combat/shooting is still great, why there’s levels and health bars, etc. in a Far Cry game is beyond me. Why it’s an RPG is beyond me. Far Cry should be like 3/4 which are the best two games in the franchise. And the open world stuff is the same crap as all the other Ubisoft games. It never changes.

When I look at those three games and I compare them to Miles and HFW since they’re open world games, both of Sony’s offerings are simply far better. Better side content which granted isn’t saying much but still better, better stories and characters overall, sets up the next games perfectly and are just overall better experiences and more enjoyable.

I’m someone who loves The Division 1&2, Origins/Odyssey, Black Flag, Rogue, FC 3/4/Primal, GR Wildlands and others but they haven’t been able to win MY GOTY since 2014 with FC 4 and Rogue. Origins and Odyssey came very close but HZD and Origins had the same exact story mission count (23) and while Origins was amazing, to see Guerrilla go from Killzone which I never gave two shits about to an action RPG in HZD while Ubisoft HAD to change up Assassin’s Creed after the shitty disaster known as Unity and the underwhelming and disappointing Syndicate. Odyssey for me had outposts and caves with the same layout over 3 or 4 different variations, was way too massive but the main reason why GOW was my 2018 goty is more of it making me a fan of Kratos and GOW where as the older games, I only played the original but never completed it. To see Santa Monica reboot GOW successfully was simply a bigger accomplishment than what Ubisoft did with Odyssey even though again, I do love Odyssey but Origins and Black Flag are ahead of it for me.

That top 20 aspect was a lot closer last gen than it is this gen for me. Last gen, I had 6 Sony games in the top 20 with 4 of them winning my GOTY while I had 7 Ubisoft games in my top 20 but only 2 of them winning my goty. Main difference is that the two Ubisoft games that won my goty were already established franchises in AC 4 and FC 4 where as 3 of the 4 from Sony were new IP’s and I do take that into account as that’s harder to accomplish compared to a sequel in which is foundation is already established.

This generation, only Immortals is in my top 10 while Sony has 4 games in my top 10 including as of now, my #1 in GOWR.

Not sure what you mean by mainstream gamer and I see myself as a casual gamer because I will play and complete 10-20 games a year at most even though my friend calls me a hardcore gamer based on me 100% completing majority of my games.

So you’re counting 2018 Spider Man twice? That makes no sense. Why would a remaster of the 2018 Spider Man have a different location when it’s a remaster? Are you expecting the location of Fallout 3 to change in the remaster? LOL. Come on man.

That aside, I get what you mean by possibly being stale but at the same time, what would you rather have? Same location but the content in it is great or a different location but the content in it is mediocre? Like those three Ubisoft games I mentioned above.

HFW is over 10m and will go past 20m easily once it’s all said and done which will be equal to the original game. HFW is an excellent game and fighting the machines were great. Best part of the game because you can go about fighting them in so many different ways. I’m not into PlayStation franchises this generation as much as I was last generation but then again, the two main ones I wanted - Days Gone 2 was never happening and Tsushima 2 is still waiting for an announcement.

I agree with you in regards to Horizon for PSVR 2 but didn’t you buy that? Or am I mistaken? I don’t know. Either way, I do agree but I don’t care about PSVR 2 and I want it to die. I think it’s a complete and total waste and im very happy Microsoft canned all that shit.

I agree and disagree with this. I agree in regards to the sequels because from your point of view, you’re not interested in them anymore where as im looking forward to Spider Man 2 in two weeks, Horizon 3 in a few years and Tsushima 2. I disagree because they do have other IP’s like Rise of the Ronin and Stellar Blade as well as Lost Soul Aside. Sony has other stuff. It’s just that you’re not interested in them which is fine.

As for the IP’s in general, Microsoft will obviously have more but that doesn’t mean anything because as with every company, they barely use their IP’s. Most companies stick with the proven IP’s and create new IP’s instead of bringing back older IP’s.

Look at Activision, I want COD to be a platform but seems like they have the next 5 years mapped out already so I can kiss that dream goodbye until next gen which means all those other studios aren’t going to do anything because Microsoft is not going to sacrifice their cash cow that they just spent $70B on so that means all those Activision IP’s, good luck seeing them. I want some but im not holding my breath.

I want more from Sony too but I also want Dishonored 3 and The Evil Within 3 from Microsoft. Am I going to get both? Probably not. I don’t care about Deathloop or Ghostwire but that’s probably what I’ll end up getting. I know Dishonored 3 was in those huge leaks two weeks ago but im not holding my breath. I’ll believe it when I see it get announced.

Microsoft has a lot more variety and whatnot. No argument there. However, they need that more than Sony because their business model is a subscription service where as with Sony, it’s not. I don’t see Sony ever falling to #3 in consoles. They’ll always be #1 and #2 depending on Nintendo.

Microsoft will forever be #3 in consoles because that’s not their business model and let’s be honest, they do seem to care more about PC gaming than Xbox consoles because even when you look at say, Darktide on Game Pass, it mentions PC Game Pass or Ultimate. Funny how it doesn’t include the Game Pass Console option.

Funny thing I just checked, I go to sign up for Game Pass and it asks, where do you primarily play games? PC is listed first (lol), Console (not even called Xbox) second and Both third. Plus, when you click on the plans, the $11 console Game Pass option is missing. You have to select “see more plans” which is only ONE plan. LMAO. Like, come on Microsoft. Stop pushing me to PC.

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Depends, they have a problem with new and smaller IP. Give me hifi rush pentiment, grounded, starfield over remasters and hashed out IP. Need some passion projects in there.

But thats the beauty of choice.

I agree with you but there is one major difference that a lot of people ignore and tend to forget which is that Sony did create new IP’s last generation and this generation, it’s sequel time. That’s the entire reason why you create a new IP, to turn it into a franchise. I had a shit ton of new IP’s last generation from Sony - Out of the 20 Sony published games I completed on PS4, 10 of them were new IP’s.

I would have had Returnal as a new IP for PS5 but I hate roguelikes so the one time that I wish it was just a linear straight forward story driven shooter, it wasn’t.

Hi Fi Rush is awesome. Pentiment is said to be great but not for me whatsoever. Grounded looks like a ton of fun but not for me and I see it as a last generation game since it launched in early access in July 2020. Starfield is amazing and is currently my 2023 GOTY.

Hey!!! Can’t bash remasters because Microsoft will be giving you several of them this generation so if remasters from Sony are bad then we can’t be praising and hyping up Fallout 3 and Oblivion. lol :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sony is in a bad spot even if people won’t acknowledge it. MS already took the brunt of having a small 1st party and also trying to ramp up GAAS and have been reasonably successful. Sea of Thieves, Grounded, Horizon 5, Minecraft can fit in here as well. With Bethesda they have ESO which does really well and Fallout 76 got saved and is doing well right now. So MS already have established GAAS that are currently being played by tens of millions of people for pretty much each GASS.

Then on top of that of course they have Gamepass itself which applies a GAAS model to non GAAS games. Combined with both of these Bus models they have a ton of regular money coming in from these to feed their new large 1st party.

MS is also way ahead of the curve in PC gaming and extending their 1st party games and 1st party GAAS to other platforms for a wider audience. This has been very scucessfull as MS are one of the top Publishers on Steam.

Now with all these 1st parties on board and soon to be ABK we are seeing the fruits of that, Starfield is a great example of a SP that we will see alot more of going forward. MS has a varied and diverse business model for the Xbox eco system going forward. They will not be beholden to quick trends and or be forced to make stupid mistakes.

MS has already gone through the hard part.

So MS got the hard parts out of the way, Xbox is very diversified between actual GAAS games already being successful, Gamepass being a huge hit and a HUGE first party that is bustin at the seams with games.

Xbox is setup REALLY well for the future even if cloud streaming never takes off. They will be pumping out Games left and right for all their studios while Sony will be floundering trying to make GAAS games for the next few years taking up most of their first party dev resources. Also likely not all of Sony’s GAAS will succeed so some studios will waste years of dev time for nothing. Much like we have seen with Naughty Dog and Factions.

The only thing that will save Sony is their user base is a cult and will wait and keep getting abused by Sony until Sony’s gets its crap together. Any other company without their cult followers would be really screwed if they were in Sony’s place right now.