Jim Ryan Retires, Connie Booth leaving after 34 years, Layoffs at Sony

I think we will never know. Returnal was a (relatively) commercial failure but a high point in terms of technique.

My guess is his vesting money probably came in from the buy out so time to start the no compete clause and then either get a new studio or jump to where he wants.

Honestly wondering if when that time comes for Xbox how many jump from double fine, inxile, obisidan and such

Hum : a guy at Xbox leave its office to take a coffee at the machine : “What is happening at Xbox, people are leaving, in fact nobody works at Xbox, probably due to bad work conditions”

The big guy at Sony left just after having failed to prevent the biggest deal in VG history. Also, big investments in GAAS that fail to materialize and big problems at Bungie just after having paid a lot for it. All under his command. “What a nice guy, he really deserves to retire”.

I still remember the comments when Ken Kutaragi was “retired” as well after the ps3 debacle.