It's not about the games but about you enjoying games

Don’t forget this. When you have enjoyed any game in the past…

You appreciated it. You accepted the challenge. You learned the rules. You admired the art. You enjoyed the social aspect of it.

Of course you should be thankful to the Devs for making the game possible. But having fun depends on ourselves rather than some external element like a certain game or whatever.

Console war drama, if it is for real is sad. People attached to things they can’t control. It’s marketing being too successful into making people desiring things.

If you listen to the podcast you will notice that sikamikanico always focus on “ohh I had so much fun with…” That’s the way! He also desires things but he seems to be very aware of that. The important thing is to acknowledge that you are desiring things. And that you are setting yourself for disappointment.

Sad console warriors won’t normally talk about them having fun with games.

Console wars are fun if taken like watching EastEnders or whatever soap opera is popular in your country.

Btw If Forza doesn’t get nominated for GOTY. Smile! It is what it is!. I can’t believe people care of that.