Is the 'Playstation Advantage' Sony's way of avoiding cross play?

So now that we’ve heard the ‘Playstation Advantage’ is going to be a big thing this generation with multiplatform games I’m starting to think it’s also a way of avoiding crossplay implementation on the PS5. With Avengers, having cross play would of been great but the Spiderman exclusivitiy makes that a technical challenge which is why cross play between PS/Xbox/PC isn’t possible.

We know Sony has been hesitant to allow cross play and they’ve caved on certain titles but it does seem like having exclusive content is a great stealth way of avoiding it going forward, what do you think?

I think it’s part of it. With timed exclusives as well you avoid comparisons.


When you don’t have as a good of compatability story and are in the business of selling hardware instead of reaching users wherever, you gotta market it somehow. So “believing in generations” and “PlayStation advantage” is a sensible way to market your product.


Whatever it is, it is crap.

Locking out content in multiplatform games is just bad.


So many Sony fans put up with so much industry destroying crap just for the sake of around a dozen 3rd person over the shoulder cinematic games a gen.

It’s not worth it to me, Sonys tactics is not good for gaming long term.

Is “playstation advantage” a term you just made up OP or something sony is touting?

Microsoft have the hardware advantage with xsx, sony will have some leverage because they sold 100million consoles this gen but it wont get them much from 3rd parties.

I believe I read it’s a Sony marketing term that they are using.

Yeah you would think it 's made up…but no it’s official crap. Sony sure know their fanbase.

Its the title of the video, its not even in the video.

Its a marketing slogan.

Its just simple business , sony/ms can pay for exclusive stuff to entice buyers.

Xbox + playstation are very similar, however playstation have better 1st parties + more experience, but without naughty dog, ssm and insomniac what would playstation be?

Sony + ms have there pros + cons and as long as they dont forget the lessons of history they will both do great.

Its when visuals reach photorealism is where a company like sony will struggle , because at that point the most viable option is to be a broader more abstract games platform or they go the path of Nintendo which is really hard and high risk.

Im not saying u dont already know this @Mort, its just how feel about the situation.

“Even more PlayStation Advantages” Seems kinda official term to me.

I really don’t like paying to keep stuff away from other platforms, doesn’t matter who. But Sony is doing that crap left n right all the time. DLC and content coming much later, if at all, to other platforms is beneficial to whom? Not any players for sure.

It’s the same with timed exclusives. It’s ok when it’s small devs agreeing to a timed exclusivity in exchange for money, support etc. In many cases that gives the game a much better chance of success or being made at all. But paying big publishers to lock out games from other platforms for a period of time? Hell no, that is bs, and again who does that benefit?

Yeah its annoying but its business and the more one does it the more the other will retaliate.

Its a pretty dumb marketing slogan, i mean moneyhatting is not really an advantage and if we are talking available funds, sony dont have an advantage in this area at all.

Its simple really, if u were the boss of a game platform company what would you do? USP’s are needed in the gaming business. Unless you have like 24 devs you’re going to have holes in your release schedule.

I don’t think Sony is stupid enough to avoid crossplay. I’ve heard that Phil and Co leveraged Minecraft Dungeons and told Sony that if they want the game on Playstation it has to be crossplay.

Avengers doesn’t seem like its going to be a big game after its initial launch like Destiny. I imagine big multiplayer games are going to want mandatory crossplay.

The biggest third party games will have cross play.

Something Sony can do absolutely nothing about once CoD got it. Was pretty much a wrap.

It does kneecap one advantage Sony did have. People having to get the same system as their friends even if they’re only playing third party games. Which is what the majority of people are doing.

I guess Sony feels ‘the playstation advantage’ levels things up a but it makes games a non starter crossplay wise. I honestly dont see many big third party devs going for it. As crossplay becomes the rule most consumers will expect.

But I guess Sony just needs that first year of moneyhatting before their own big games are ready by which time they wont care.

I hope MS will be going all out showing that xbox will have the best versions of the third party games

Sony Moneyhatted content or otherwise