Is it worth getting into Twitter?

I’m pretty against social media, but was wondering about creating a Twitter account to follow gaming news and other cool stuff. Would gladly use some propositions of accounts to follow, apart of XboxEra, Nibelion, Timdog, XboxPope and stuff like that.

I you want to be up to date on gaming news yes Twitter is the best network you could use. Be aware comment section on Twitter are something… :smiley:

Some suggestions about people/media outlets to follow?

Shinobi, Nibel, Klobrille, Windows Central, Jez Cordon, Xbox Era… and all the news outlets. Also you can follow gaming companies and developers.

For news yes but be aware, is the home of the most toxic people in the planet

Twitter is the only social network I use with any degree of regularity. I follow stuff I’m interested in and use it like a news feed for games, bands, sport and the like. I dont tend to post much but certainly comment on things that I want to engage with. The stuff and people I don’t like I block and that keeps my experience overwhelmingly positive.

Jesus Christ no.

Could you elaborate?

Just get all your gaming news from sites like XboxEra, ResetEra, NeoGAF, Giant Bomb, Reddit, podcasts, Discord servers, etc.

How much more gaming news could one possibly need? Spend the time you’d browse Twitter, actually playing games. You’ll be so much happier!

The last thing anyone who dwells around forums needs is another brain drain. Big social media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram is soul sucking. I wouldn’t play with fire. Just hang around your local goblin dens.

That’s what I do. My two cents. Cheers.

I despise Facebook, but since I created a Twitter account yesterday it’s pretty sweet for news. I started browsing reddit too. But not to an extent that I do it all day long due to some FOMO or shit like that. I check both while drinking coffee, vaping etc. XboxEra forum is my biggest addiction right now, lol.

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I gave up Twitter long ago, as most of social midia. Regarding gaming, Twitter is a toxic fanboy lair. Sure you will find legit ppl to follow and get the info you need, but, imo, it doesn’t worth the despleasure of crossing with some of the most moronic console warriors ever seen. In the end of the day, you should try by your own to see if it’s woth or not for you.


Most gaming news is fairly redundant anyhow.

Game comes out, game coming out, online personality who can’t speak to your own personal taste either likes or dislikes, system comes out, system coming out, online personality who can’t speak to your own personal taste either likes or dislikes, etc.

There’s little point in paying attention as if this stuff is astrophysics. Just take it all in passively, shitpost in the appropriate communities as you come across news, and most importantly play the games you want.

There’s so much more to life than video games and reading nerd news online.

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I’d say it is worth for a number of reasons. Yes, most news are redundant now but still, you can reach anybody anytime and many people are cool enough to reply, I have been retweeted and I got replies to my questions from many people, both in the gaming industry and in other areas as well, like Queen’s guitar player Brian May, Testament’s Alex Skolnik, politicians from my country, people from NY Times, cool xbox people like Tim Dog, devs etc… Which is amazing, but also crappy people like Jason Schreier blocked my just because I told him that his concern about having “too many xbox consoles” was just concerned trolling, lol

So basically yes, Twitter is a great place but just like any other amazing place, there’s some awful people but don’t let irrelevant people ruin your life.

Jason Schreier looks like he was still getting wedgies in college. I wouldn’t take it personally.


Schreier is not exacty an Xbox fan, isn’t he? But he’s good to follow for news/leaks and writes some pretty good and insightful articles about video game industry and its issues.

From my observation he usually tweets good news about Sony and bad news about Xbox which is probably why I’ve seen him being referred to as Jason Schiller.

I’d recommend Tom Warren from The Verge. He writes a lot about Xbox.

honestly just depends what you are going in for, its not like going to the front page of reddit where the most popular things on the site will be shown, you very much control what you do and dont see.

Want only video game related stuff? just follow devs, new outlets, journalists etc same with Anime, art, sports etc.

Gaming news wise for example you are pretty much fine with places like ResetEra as bleh as that place is but you can follow Wario64 or Nibel on twitter and pretty much get the same thing. Its as good or bad as you make it and can be as bad as any other forum or social media.

personally I have 1 professional twitter with only game dev related things and thats all I see and get on that account and I have a separate twitter for everything else, thankfully its super easy to just switch back and forth without having to sign in.

What’s the best way to gain followers?