Is anybody getting into the Android ecosystem because of xCloud?

I would maybe if Xcloud was actually in Australia, by the time it is I wouldn’t be shocked if the Apple support was there.

I’ve switched to Android about 3 years ago and haven’t looked back.

It really depends on what you’re using it for. If you’re just bullshitting with social media/browsing, then the iPhone vs Android argument is pointless.

But if you want games on your phone/advanced features/better camera? Android is the proper choice.

Used both and there honestly not really distinguishable. I would argue 99% of what the usual person uses their phone for is possible and easy to do on both. There are really no real arguments for either. I think most like apple just because of the brand. But it can absolutely do nothing a galaxy can’t do. So yeah if your over mindless corporate love a switch is pretty easy.

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These type of restrictions from Apple are why I never use their products. I went from Windows mobile for years directly to Android when WM died.

I went from Windows Phone to android when my last Phone died. Still miss WP :frowning:


Windows Phone da real MVP. I loved the UI so much. Won’t be trying the Surface Duo though. Galaxy have me now.

Yep, I know several people who will also make the switch. No point in having a phone/tablet that doesn’t support your primary gaming ecosystem.

I have an Apple phone but that’s it so I’m not committed to their ecosystem. Next upgrade I’ll be going to Android without question.

I may pick up a galaxy tablet later this year but apart from that I told myself I’m running my phone into the ground tired of spending 1000 plus ever 2 years, that should be reserved for GPU upgrades :stuck_out_tongue:

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My wife and I started refusing to finance our family’s phones about two years ago, just saving up and buying phones outright. It has made a huge difference in being able to swap carriers and be flexible. It’s a great relief.


I hear that l! I usually buy mine outright but had an issues with my 11 so it was financed but through Best Buy not a carrier. I’m just done spending a stupid amount on phones the only problem is I’m in their ecosystem with the watch too so I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place right now.

I currently have a laptop and an iPad. A surface pro would be almost perfect on its own but I do miss some apps (main reason why I switched back from surface pro to the laptop +tablet scenario).

Even basic stuff like Kindle. The desktop app even works great with touch on Surface pro, but it’s old and has no support for user documents. And a bunch of my reading time on it is from converted articles and studying material that I use. I don’t like to read on the phone and having the documents and their notes synchronized is so good XD

There are some apps that are not available too (Amazon prime (though that’s seemingly changing), HBO… It all ends up and while surface pro is more than enough for my laptop usage it falls a bit short on my tablet one.

(I do love writing on it, imo it’s much better than Apple pencil)

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As an iPhone only user, can I just buy an android phone and not activate it. But still use it for xcloud?

You don’t need to put a SIM in it.

I would imagine you could. You just can’t use 5g. I have an old Galaxy S7 I use for Spotify while doing yardwork. WiFi still works great.

I was looking to move away from Android because of Google but now I won’t.

Great! I’ll just get the cheapest android phone that supports xcloud. Playing games as I lounge in the backyard sounds pretty cool.

I’m already in on Android, so I’m ready to go.

One thing I didn’t mention is that the OS on my S7 runs like garbage without the Sim card. Not sure if it’s just my phone or if that’s a standard thing. But definitely some food for thought.

Probably better choice is to pick up a tablet, and run it on wifi.