Is anybody getting into the Android ecosystem because of xCloud?

So I have been thinking for a while of moving out of the IOS ecosystem and getting into Android, specifically the Galaxy.

I’m not really tied down by a large investment into Apple (my current “ecosystem”) because I only have an IPhone, not a MAC, Apple Watch, etc. The thought of not being able to use xCloud, which seems like it will be an incredible way to play my favorite games on the go, is basically a breaking point for me.

I am holding out hope that Apple manages to change their position within the next few weeks, because if not I may have to leave their ecosystem and join a platform that is friendlier to third parties. Anyone else feel the same?

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I’m too deep into the Apple ecosystem to back out now. I’m going to hold out hope that Apple and Microsoft can work something out.


As I still have an old Windows Phone, I’m holding off until I have more info on the Surface Duo. I was interested in a potential cheaper Iphone, but with Apple walled garden and the situation with xCloud, I prefer going for Android.

I’m considering it, yeah. At home we all have iPhones and iPads but I’m the only one really interested in xCloud.

Still have a lot of questions though.

Will my Philips Hue lights work like they do with Siri (Hey Siri, turn on the lights); Will my LG OLED C9 work with OK Google; How is the update policy for Android devices? I still have an iPhone 7 which still gets updates after almost 4 years.

If I switch to Android I want a phone with a fingerprint reader behind the glass on the front.

So before switching to Android, I still have to do some research. And all this for xCloud and Apple being dicks.

Not just xcloud but at this point all the other things Apple are blocking from ever being on their service like nvidia and steam link as well. In general also just have very little interest or care for phones beyond the basic browsing and messaging.

Will likely get a cheap/small tablet or burner phone and use it for game streaming at somepoint.

Too much invested into the ecosystem also all business devices are Apple too. While I am mega pissed I need to stay on iOS for the time being.

Already in it but it does entice me to stick with it.

I’ve never owned an Apple product in my entire life.

They’ve never seemed appealing to me.The proprietary crap is annoying, and ewww… one button for everything?! No thanks! I don’t care how choppy my .gifs and videos come across when I text!!

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I just keep on winning over here. :love_you_gesture:

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Bro… There’s no buttons. Haha.

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I’m in too deep. Trying to find a decent tablet for Xcloud.

I have never possessed or even used an Apple product in my whole life, and their behavior in the xCloud affair ensures that it will stay that way.

I just might

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I use both. Android personal and iPhone for work. There’s nothing the iPhone does better in all honesty. Well except they Apple as in they are part of that ecosystem.

I have always used an Android phone but must admit that the iPad Pro is such a great product for my work and free time that I was thinking about getting an iPhone next, also because I like Apple’s privacy approach better. Still, the way they are protecting their turf is unacceptable and anti-consumer to me, I cannot support that - and thankfully, I’ve not purchased too many apps from Apple yet that I’d consider myself locked in forever to iOS. My Huawei P20 Pro is more than two years old by now and the xCloud decision was an important factor for me to decide for the next phone. I’ll very likely stick with Android now. It’s more of a bummer for my tablet though, not sure the Samsung S7+ can match the iPad Pro, and I find it to expensive to swop just for gaming. I also have a creative side and really love the ability to draw on the iPad, so I’m not really wanting to give the iPad away.

Got a Razer Kishi controller the other day, looking forward to Switch-like Xbox gaming on the go for my smartphone this month when I travel to my parents! I compared screen sizes with the Switch, they’re almost identical :slight_smile:

You can easily transfer over. I did this after 10+ years with Apple using a simple cable packaged with my Google Pixel.

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I love my Galaxy. Been with Samsung pretty much all of the 10s. I guess the main reason was always this exact reason - Apple tells you exactly what you get and you’ll like it. I was not about that life.

I switched from iPhone to galaxy note last year, no regrets thus far.

I was already thinking of replacing my iPad Pro as well, but I was thinking, is there any dual boot android/windows tablet? Would be ideal for me.

You’re never too deep in the ecosystem. No doubt it takes some effort, because of the way Apple locks you in. But I made the move last fall, when my iPhone 7 finally crapped out (I hate financing phones). I moved to a Galaxy Note 10 and man, is the Android world so different.

It was like learning a foreign language, but the depth of the features, how interesting and how innovative is amazing. It’s a whole new world, not limited by Apple End User Licensing Agreements, and not met with a charge for every little thing. iCloud is interesting, but Google is massive and feature rich.

I thought I’d miss iTunes, but I’d already moved to Pandora, and I simply converted all my stored itunes music on my PC and stored them as mp4s. I kept all my purchases.

Accessories are varied and amazing, and every business app I have translated over. Lastly, I got to use and try the test for xCloud, and it runs sweet.

You will miss iMessage. That is one thing that Apple does very well. I’ve gone between FB messenger, Snapchat and Whatsapp for video messaging. But that’s it.

Oh, as for providers, I started on AT&T and recently migrated to T-Moble. (They’re both GSM, so your phones move over with a simple SIM change. )

Overall, it’s a scary proposition. Apple makes it seem like their world is complete, and that you can’t survive without them, when the truth is, my Android experience has been so much better than my Apple experience.

It does take some planning, but after you do it, you wonder why you didn’t do it in the first place.

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I don’t think there are dual boot tablets, but you might want to check out Samsung’s tablet lines. They have some pretty robust ones.

Personally, I have a new Surface Pro, and I’m simply waiting for them to open that ecosystem up to xCloud.