IPL 2021 🏏 | Any Cricket Fans here?

IPL 2021

The festival is back!



MI bat first

Let the party begin :sunglasses:

There are few pleasures nicer than sitting in the grass in summer watching a game of cricket, quaffing Pimm’s and some cucumber sandwiches. Sadly I know nothing of the sport aside from that and that Alastair Cook was (and is) easy on the eye.

Sorry! :smiley:

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No problem mate!


Cook is the best player i can think of in England’s test history.

That’s one thing I miss about being in the UK, the little villages with cricket grounds and going to watch the locals knock the ball about for an afternoon. Just so…nice!



The matches are close unless it is either RR or PK playing.

RCB v DC was fun. CSK is back with a bang!

It sounds like a different sport when you lay out this image.

Here - give the ppl a square inch and we will find a way to play some form of cricket.

Cricket is being gentrified here very slowly, but the good part is that you need perseverance to prevail here, and the gentrified lot don’t last long in cricket’s grind and training in India.

I could be wrong, but I believe @Vinnie13 is…

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I do like cricket but I’m an old traditionalist that doesn’t find the 20 over stuff all that interesting. Give me a 5 day test match that doesn’t actually result in an overall winner any day.


Used to play and watched it years ago before university. I check on the scores every now and then if it’s England or Australia playing.


So, would you be disappointed if someone actually wins? :wink:

Test matches are fun. But you need wickets and some ridiculous perseverance from a few players to make some days more interesting.

See Aus v India - test #3. Nihari and Pujara just playing to desperately get a draw despite the odds stacked against them.