Introducing New Designed for Xbox Monitors Unlocking the True Power of HDMI

At Xbox, we’ve long believed providing choice to our players is a critical part of the gaming experience. Whether it’s controllers, headsets or storage, products available in the Designed for Xbox program enhance the user experience on Xbox.

Few devices in gaming are as important as your display, and we know with a new console generation comes unparalleled fidelity in your gaming experiences. With the amazing visual capabilities of Xbox Series X|S and new display features to consider like HDR, 4K at 120Hz, and Variable Refresh Rate (VRR), we want to help Xbox fans find the ideal monitor for your preferred gaming experience. While the options available may seem endless and at times or even downright confusing, the Designed for Xbox team has got your back.

Today, for the first time, we’re announcing gaming monitors from our licensed partners will join the Designed for Xbox program! We worked closely with leading display manufacturers including Philips, ASUS, and Acer over the last two years to prepare these products to take full advantage of Xbox Series X|S and HDMI 2.1. Whether you are looking to purchase a new monitor for gaming on PC or Xbox Series X|S, our new Designed for Xbox monitors will be available this Summer.

Announcing Gaming Features for Xbox

Soon, players will see the new “Gaming Features for Xbox” badge appear on select monitors on the market, so you can be confident your new display can support the full speed, performance, and technology of Xbox Series X|S. For more on the features and technology powering Xbox Series X|S, check out our glossary here.

From Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) to HDR, these monitors will harness the power of cutting-edge HDMI 2.1 technology to deliver an immersive, high fidelity experience unlike anything seen before.


Xbox seems to have done their homework and background legwork well for this generation.


Yup I thought at first it was typical MS labeling everything and them having the fettish to name everything but it’s actually all been helpful. It’s going to be very helpful for people who aren’t in the know be able to know that certain devices support Series S|X.

Xbox owns gaming now.

Wow Phillips TV will be available worldwide? That’s a first

I really like that Asus monitor, and it’s about the size I want… Maybe if I save my pennies.

I did not see Dolby Vision mentioned for any of these. Seems odd since they all mentioned HDR10. I wonder how much the Dolby license costs…

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I really am waiting for hardware unboxed to review the aorus fv43u or this asus monitor. They both have almost identical specs

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Good point. I like the stand here better, but given that I’ll probably wall mount anyway… Dunno. I didn’t realize that one had 144 hz for display port but it appears it’s indeed pretty similar. I’m more familiar with Asus hardware than Gigabyte but… $200-300 is a decent difference.

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