Inside Xbox Series X Optimized: Maneater

I can’t call myself TheRayTracer and not include this quote: :grinning:

Bringing ray tracing to Maneater has been a huge effort for us when prioritizing features for the next-gen upgrade. We’re incredibly proud of the amazing water simulation in Maneater , and adding ray traced reflections and refractions (via post-launch patch) really adds another layer to make the water appear even more lifelike.


Cool! I’ll check this out once the RT patch has happened, I haven’t played this yet.

Hmmmm devkit delay becoming more and more apparent?

Halo infinite said it’d get RT as a post launch patch before it got delayed, same with DMC definitive edition, now Maneater.

Cool. I was in the middle of this game, but put it aside to resume eventually on Series X.

One of my favourite games of the year, probably my surprise of 2020 all in all. Just a fantastic and contained open world that is charming start to finish and that doesn’t overstay its welcome. Looking forward to dive back in (pun intended) with raytracing and all the bells and whistles.

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Think the API isn’t ready. I’m fascinated to see what happens with Watch Dogs Legion…

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I’m afraid it’s a real possibility. Not the end of the world or anyting, but hopefully gets solved shortly next year.

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The last time they talked about it ( I think it was last week or something like that ) in an AMA, RT was still there at launch for all plateforms. Guess they got the dev-kits sooner as a big studio.

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Don’t think it’s a physical dev kit issue. I think it’s to do with the API software not being ready. I saw the AMA but I still say let’s just wait and see. Perhaps they will use software on Xbox rather than hardware RT or it will not be at launch. Or perhaps they have a way around this. We will see. Hope it’s there day one.

Or perhaps they already got it running, Richards mentioned developers being pretty happy about the new dev-kits.

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Where was that mentioned? Only time I heard him discuss it was to suggest they weren’t happy, but that was a while ago…

In the live ( I think ) he did not so long ago, he said some were having a bit of a hard time, and others were pretty happy.

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Haha I might actually have to pick this up later then.

How can the API not be ready when DirectX Raytracing exists since 2018? This makes no sense.

But the api is for pc. Ms tries to keep the api the same however they still have to implement the under the hood stuff on Xbox.

Though again, the leaked SDK said the api dor dxr 1.0 was complete. 1.1 (which allows any shader to spam raytracing jobs which makes them more flexible) would come post launch, but even for dxr 1.0 performance was also not final and would only reach that post launch as well.

But we don’t know if GDK is even the only devkit for SX. XDK might still be a thing and be complete in time for launch.

Was DXR 1.1 already implemented in the XDK ?

I honestly have no idea.

Earlier rumors was that GDK would even launch in a few years after the generation started and it would drop support for xbone.

Then the newer leaks showed that GDK was aiming for games to use it for launch and that xbone will still be supported by it, and the talk about XDK all but disappeared

Yeah, so it is quite uncertain what each studios are using right now.

Really wish xbox wire would at least put gameplay videos up to show the difference between last and next gen

Where is the source for all this stuff?