Inside Xbox Series S | Official Video


the best possible video I could have asked for. It had everything I criticized them about in the past few weeks. Gameplay? check (not next gen I know, but oh well we all know their games are a bit far atm). Side by side comparisons for load times? Check. Bring back quick resume to the forefront, check. Show off what SFS is and shall do? check. Talk about the features AND future of Velocity architecture, check. So yeah, really happy with them these past two days. Also, Jason Ronald is GOAT for breaking this down so well, the whole hardware team needs more props!


I agree, really clear and informative video.

Weird to think we’ve now seen more Series S gameplay than Series X gameplay. Still, that price to performance is killer. I think I’ll get a Series S and just move my One S upstairs instead of trading it in for an Series X.

I imagine sfs, variabble rate shading, and mesh shaders all combined will eek out a ton of performance.

This is such a good video.

Xbox marketing since the leaks has been absolutely on point, the team deserve credit for turning these leaks into positive momentum.

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also, one interesting tid bit. They showed off Black and Skate as part of the quick resume. This is obviously happening through back compat. But XSS is a digital only console and many of those people who still have those old games are gonna have the physical disks for these games. It would naturally appear that the XSS skipped on physical BC. Is it just an accident they showed these or they have something planned for the BC program, maybe you send your CDs in to some place or verify it through some portal and they shall transfer you the digital version of those games? That will honestly be a huge win as those wanting BC from really old games on physical to be forced to buy Series X if they want to buy Series S but still bring their old games with them.

I love these type of videos.

Is this image fanmade? As under the expansion card it says it matched internal storage exactly for series s but that’s not true :smiley:

Their hardware marketing is just soooo good. We just need their software side of things to catch up.

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A week ago I had no interested in series s, now watching that video I’m hyped.

Its from the xbox wire link. I think they mean it has the same ssd performance not the capacity.

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People know me as a lazy person. So forgive me to comment with an already existing tweet that says the same if I would copy/paste it in here …

(Also I hope for new followers :wink: )

Black and Skate were presumably chosen because they are EA Play titles.

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I got that, and yeah my whole question got invalidated in a twitter comment from Xbox sooo

If you want BC from physical, you’re forced into Series X, my whole “solution” was probably a huge logistical problem, who knows

They had some next gen gameplay in there (The Medium, some cross gens stuff too). I for one and happy just to hear Ronald say stuff that was new and not the same recycled info he had given for half a dozen interviews about X, lol.

Great first post here btw (and great OP). It really did nail the main criticisms in a single video and presented in a super smart, slick way, making it fresh by tying a lot of it to series S.

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Can you put the games on an external HDD and then use that to load em into SSD on the XSS? Tbh, for OG Xbo titles MS should just straight up put em all on Game Pass as soon as they are BC for free. Nobody is making any $$$ on those old games anymore anyhow. Hell, do the same for 360 games.

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I still can’t believe this thing is as powerful as they say. It’s like black magic. The design also grows on me. I like that it is so small. Will preorder on sept 22nd. This will fit my needs super well for the time being.

Xbox has come out swinging (again) today. That SFS part was the best explanation for that feature yet.

Gameplay too! Gameplay!


This video is one of the best things Xbox Marketing ever did.

Super well done.

Congrats to the team.