Indie devs share their frustrating experiences with PlayStation's treatment of independent partners

If I was an indie dev or part of one I wouldn’t want anything to do with Sony.

Rich from ReviewTech made a video about it, but he was so afraid of angering Sony fans, he put “(and Microsoft)” in the title

And to I guess try and justify doing that, in the video he quickly just threw out “and I heard Microsoft has a simlar policy” when talking about Sony’s $25,000 pricetag to get an indie game on their store. With no detail and nothing to back it up

What an absolute chicken shit


Pretty much every year of the past decade I can probably place a couple indies among my favourites of those years. It’s a blooming market, and if we extend the consideration to games like Doom 1993 starting off as indie or remember Minecraft’s, PUBG’s or Among Us’ humble origins, it’s painfully obvious how much talent and potential bangers lie outside of the triple-A studios and publishers.

Sony absolutely disrespecting indies in favour of bigger and more expensive productions is sad, albeit not too surprising given what we’ve heard the past few years regarding indie sale splits and such. What I hope is that, with so many publications (even pro-Sony ones like Push Square) calling this out, a change may actually happen. That would be really positive.


Sony fans are so ridiculous even the click bait youtubers that exploit them are actually afraid of how crazy they are.


I’d have more respect if they [content producers] simply ignored the situation instead of producing FUD by spreading even more lies. If they’re not brave enough to cover it properly, they shouldn’t even bother.


Bugs Bunny Money GIF by Looney Tunes

Xbox and Game Pass are the places to be if you’re an indie developer. Chris Charla and the team are doing a great job finding cool games and getting them the exposure they deserve. I just watched the former Giant Bomb guys stream themselves playing through Xbox’s ID@Xbox demo showcase. I think even Nintendo handles indies with more respect than PlayStation.

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Yep ID @ Xbox is really pulling out all the stops with the indie games I’m really excited for that will end up on gamepass.

Scorn, Bright Memory, Atomic Heart are games I’m looking forward to as much as any AAA coming out next year these for me are top notch games that I’m really excited for

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Imagine being scared of such a cowardly spineless fan group.

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MS does charge for highlighting indie games. The issue is what the devs get for that cost. MS has a variety of alternative avenues for surfacing these games compared to PlayStation. Devs can tap into these visibility streams if they can’t afford a front an center sorta thing. Some devs are saying you literally cannot even locate their game on the PSN store without typing its title into the search.


Thankfully, every single top comment calls that out.

Yeah, it was that obvious

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I don’t know man, people online can be extremely aggressive and threatening. Just look at some of the shit that gets thrown at any prominent woman in video games (or anywhere really). Even putting aside threats of violence, it’s probably not the best idea to get a group of lunatics on your ass if your job depends on getting views. Not excusing anything, just trying to look at things from their perspective.

Arrogant Sony is back!

Great for Xbox fans :slight_smile:

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Indeed. They threatened my family and started multiple doxing campaigns from my November Twitter video. PlayStation fans can be very unhinged.


What ?? Doxing ? I thought it was just some angry messages on the other place and twitter. And that’s already crazy. But doxing and threats are a whole other kind of crazy…

My address wasn’t posted thankfully. But multiple posts where made asking for it. Then those posts all had likes. Not to mention that funny Sony “humor” of posting guns over and over. Then dozens of people telling me to hit my 5 year old kid for not liking the PS5. Such funny guys. :roll_eyes:

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Yeah… sadly, there’s not much you can do against that.

At least, OtherEra is moderated.

Meanwhile, Xbox has created an entire section on the store for Latin American indie games.


What did you post that got people after you like that?