In 2022, Picking a Game of the Year is Ridiculous (Wired article)

Thought folks here would appreciate this article. Not only is it a nice discussion about an aspect of our favourite hobby, but Pentiment and director Josh Sawyer are mentioned as well. And Game Pass.

For an article focused entirely on Pentiment I suggest this other Wired piece:


I will read this later.

I always thought Pentiment wasn’t nominated because it arrived “too late”, but that isn’t the case?

This isn’t Game Awards related. Just this dude’s personal GotY and the difficulty of picking such a thing when there’s such great diversity in gaming.

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Everyone actually in the gaming industry has realistic cutoffs being the actual end of the year. Its only TGA that has arbitrary cutoffs.


With the way Game Pass is going neither reviews nor awards matter at this point.

Picking game of the year is even more devalued by folk saying games are candidates before they are even announced. That and genre bias and marketing spend dictating a lot of things as well.