IF PS5 prices are 399 and 499 as rumoured - what should or can Xbox do?

There are rumours from Spanish retailers (that seem legit) that the PS5 DE will be $399 and PS5 $499.

Now - rumours still BUT I can’t really see much logic to suggest that won’t be Sony’s pricing strategy. I think its pretty likely to be honest.

So assuming that is the case, and before the event, what would you do if you are Xbox?

I’m going to assume myself that the S won’t and can’t go any lower - and frankly the S stands up here. The X for me is where I start to see an issue - I’m an all digital gamer who will buy the X. But then the PS5 (if I was buying one) would be $399. Which is a fair saving - and I imagine there’ll be many xbox one owners who are all digital in the same boat. And some may be tempted to switch.

Given its unlikely Xbox can do much with the price - its still only ERP but one assumes $499 is still insane really - what would you do as Xbox to raise the value? More months of gamepass in the box? Free games?

I realise that the value proposition is a longer term thing BUT Phil Spencer said he wanted to compete on price - and whilst they absolutely have - the 399 PS5DE does sort of sit a little awkwardly for a segment of xbox gamers, I suspect…

Have the more powerful console with a disk drive at the same price.
Have the cheapest next generation console.

Market it that way. You can’t change anything anyways anymore.
The PS5 DE at $399 is great value.
The PS5 disk at $499 is bad value tho, so I can’t believe they will do this.
$100 for a disk drive.

Do Xbox need to do anything in regards to pricing at this point? If the pricing is as rumoured, and I agree that’s pretty likely, Microsoft can say they have the cheapest way to get into next-gen with the S, and the most powerful next-gen console in the X. And they’d probably push the fact that the X is technically more powerful than the PS5, at the same price.

They can continue to push the value that GamePass offers, especially with Ultimate and they also have Xbox All Access.

Honestly, I don’t think Microsoft need to do anything at all regardless of what Sony announces in regards to pricing on Wednesday. Now if they announced $299 and $399, it would be a different story, but that just doesn’t seem likely at this stage.



I still think they are quite competitive if sony price like this.

$100/£100 is still a lot of money, and when you factor in gamepass, people can get into next gen for not much more then selling there current gen console.

I agree they don’t need to do anything unless Sony really heavily undercut - but is it desirable or sensible for them to do something in response? You’ve got to consider that the Sony showcase is likely to unveil some new exclusive games (probably timed exclusives) so following it you’ll see all that news alongside $399. In essence Sony will be heavily marketing $399 and whilst Xbox are well placed to say ‘most powerful and cheapest’ they already have negative media about the S (nonsense but still) and their power claim will need substantiating with some actual demonstrations I feel. You have to show people that stuff - just saying it is (and we know it is) isn’t enough for the market.

Stay the course. That would be an amazing price for the digital PS5, but $300 is still going to turn heads.

Same price for a much better HW, and still the cheapest next gen console? They just need to keep the games flowing on XGS.

This was always the rumoured price from the start. So nothing has changed at all.

100 bucks off only because the disc drive is not there? That’s a lot. If this happens it’s clearly to counter XSS.

Nothing because thats what anybody would expect.

They don’t need to do anything, lol.

there isn’t really anything to do , also i would wait until wednesday before having any actual price or sales takes. based on “reputable” retailers the XSX was supposed to be 599 , do not get into the fashion of believing retailer leaks when it comes to prices or dates.

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Nothing. They originally planned the X and S around a $399 PS5. They wanted to sandwich it.

Everything is going according to plan.

This is where Microsoft are going to struggle for the next year or two. If we are talking do Microsoft need to respond when it comes to games, absolutely, they need to show games that people are going to want to play on Xbox. Halo Infinite had a disappointing showing and beyond that, there aren’t too many 1st party games coming in the next 12 months.

Microsoft at the moment, cannot compete with Sony showing Ratchet and Spider-Man.

They do need to start showing gameplay of the upcoming 1st party games like Hellblade 2, Fable etc to get people even more excited for next-gen.

A good counter to that would be a program where a gamer could walk out of a store with a new console for $25, have no compounding interest like with a credit card and have 200 games to play with online included.


I think they did already everything what they could. They bring the most powerful hardware (X) for 499$ plus the cheapest next generation console (S) for 299$ so you can choose what satisfies your needs most. Then you have the Game Pass, which is a big bonus for everyone. It would have been great if Halo would have been a launchtitle as the cherry on top. All they can do is keep on doing a good job with studios and games and hardware.

Nothing, they have the more powerful console and the least expensive next gen console. That is as good as you can get.

Just because people buy Sony consoles no matter what even if less powerful and the same or more expensive doesn’t mean Xbox should react to that type of blind loyalty Sony has with it’s user base.

If the roles were reversed MS would get railed by forums and the media for having a weaker console that was the same price as the more powerful Playstation.


Why don’t they just show Assasins Creed Valhalla gameplay? Its the biggest launch title and seemingly will be a looker - so show off more of that? And Dirt 5 etc…I think they need some sort of event or showcase style (pre recorded thing) fairly soon even if just a VOD. They need to show the games on the X and show the power. That will help.

I still think a gamepass offer wouldn’t go amiss for early buyers but I take all the points here. They are not in a bad position at all price wise.

No doubt and whatsmore they’d be getting hammered for 'pushing people towards digital media. I do think it is ironic that the same people who will laud and jump up and down for the PS5DE price will be the ones who absolutely crucified Xbox for their strategy last time and up until the DE was announced were dead set against anything about digital only…