I think I have no idea how HDR should look like

Thanks for the replies, guys and gals. I still have no idea what’s the correct look for HDR even using some of the settings out there, so I will assume that HDR looks the way it does on my OLED. I must say Bioshock looks stunning with Auto HDR.

Gonna try out this as ACV looks washed out as hell.

Try the HDR Calibration App on Xbox. Depending on the model you’ll notice a big difference or a small but noticeable one

But I think according to Vincent Teoh it’s only meant for HGIG calibration, if I’m not mistaken. Personally I don’t always use HGIG. I did test it with Witcher 3 and that looked good, especially night. Even though Witcher 3 doesn’t support HGIG. But it can make games too dim too.

I heard that Cold War and No man’s Sky are HGIG supported. How do those games look with it?

Ayee if Tetris Effects does not blow you away I’m disappointed in your eyes :eyes:

It did! Probably the best example of HDR ever. It looks fucking gorgeous. Same goes for Gears 5 and Far Cry New Dawn. I wish HDR was always consistant. Some games look great while others look bad.

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Hey man.

So I tried the settings but it looks washed out as hell. It’s not working for me sadly. But I’m not surprised, actually cranking both those settings up it makes sense that it would look too bright. Ah well. SDR it is.

I’m sorry it didn’t work. It is a real shame as you’ve now got the pain of turning HDR on/off between games - although with no quick resume for Valhalla it is already frustratingly slow to switch into that game. Three weeks in and I’m already used to quick resume and can’t go back!