I get the feeling that Phil is really going to spoil Todd and Bethesda

I mean…I’m sure all the devs will get whatever they need to make the best games possible, not like MS is short on cash or anything

But I watched the Major Nelson podcast and I see that look in Todd’s eyes. Its likely he was just thinking of what Ferrari he’s going to buy since he probably made out like a bandit from the Zenimax sale

But what I really mean is that I get the feeling that MS is probably going to pump more money and resources into Bethesda (the actual studio) than any of their other studios with the exception of Mojang. Yes, even more than 343i and Halo.

I don’t doubt for a second that they’re going to want to make Fallout, TES and Starfield their biggest non Minecraft franchises. But I’m excited because as a fan of Fallout (not 4 though ew ) and TES I’m extremely excited to see what a full blown Bethesda RPG with a shit ton of investment and QA can do.

Case in point

Klob brought up that Bethesda (actual studio) has a TON of openings right now. Also I have a feeling Todd and Pete are probably going to get paid a shit ton of money in addition just to stay on board will probably be running the entire Bethesda publishing side similar to how Matt runs the XGS side of things.

TLDR: I expect Bethesda (actual studio) to become the new flagship studio of Xbox and Todd and Pete to get treated like royalty.


…and they’re hiring all these people despite needing less manpower as they have to develop for one less platform.


The hall mark of Xbox’s recent purchases is many teams operating under one studio. I’m assuming this is them staffing up another team based on the security they now have.

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I hope they build Bethesda up so they have 3 huge RPG teams all in developement at once and can give us a new awesome RPG every 3 years, which gives them a 9 year dev cycle.

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The fact they made such a gigantic acquisition and nobody was layed off is amazing.

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Wouldn’t surprise me, I believe CDPR said they’d alternate Witcher/Cyber Punk so maybe Bethesda will alternate Fallout, TES and Starfield and support the games between with expansion packs.

If that is the case, if Starfield does come out late next year or early 2022 we won’t see TES until late 2024 or early 2025.

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Zenimax has been around for 21 years and built an incredible business, they are likely the top publisher by sheer amount of talent, IPs, tech they possess.

These type of companies are impossible to acquire and you can bet your ass that MS will fuel their ambitions.

They really want to keep Bethesda in tact, they probably see Bethesda already has a working infrastructure with their marketing and publishing and now they no longer have to worry about payroll.

As a big RPG fan, the future is extremely bright :grin:.


That is exciting to see! Between that and Obsidian InXile and Playground’s Fable team there won’t be a long gap between RPGs hopefully.

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Hoping that they also really add to Arkane too, such a great studio and in areas with lots of talent!

The thing I don’t love about big huge RPGs is that I don’t really have the time to sink my teeth into them as much now that I’m older. But being able to play them on my phone during lunch breaks and whatnot should help!

Bethesda RPGs are big games, I wouldn’t mind waiting 4 years or more between each. I’d actually be happy if they took more time and really polished these games.

Xbox (and Game Pass/PC) will be absolutely insane for western RPGs next gen, if you like this genre there really isn’t any better place to be in 2021+.

Fable, Avowed, Starfield, ES6, Fallout 5, Outer Worlds 2, inXile’s ARPG and 2nd RPG, Wasteland 4?, Everwild (no idea if it will have RPG mechanics actually…) and I’m sure more than aren’t announced yet (Obsidian has a new team working on a secret project).