I don’t want Grubb to leak whole MS conference!

Please! I want some surprises when I watch! How do I do the thing where my computer automatically blocks Grubbs tweets/news/threads or whatever? Thankss


What??? Why would Grubb leak the conference?

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I’m sure Phil is cooking up a meaty show for us, still lots of surprises!


I am inclined to agree here. Leave some surprises.

This ball by ball commentary is not fun.


I stopped listening, i want to go into e3 surprised. I take everything thats said withn grain of sznd. Really ms could of deliberately. sent misinformation to their leaker to discrediit them. Thiink how bad you’d feel having workedc months to make it special to have stuff leaked, not good.


If they deliberately spread misinformation to lower expectations, only to blow our minds with their show, would be amazing!


I wouldn’t worry about him leaking the entire show. He knows things and has openly said he won’t reveal them because he wants them to be announced the proper way.


More chance of Zhuge doing it the day before. I really hate when he does that.


There’s actually a button on your computer for that. It’s usually on the front and is labeled as “I/O”, and if you hold that down for 3-5 seconds you’ll get your desired result. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I am just glad that Klobrille doesn’t do this shit. He is one of the most reliable insiders we have when it comes to gaming. A true legend innit


i don’t know if this is a troll answer or not but you got me scanning my laptop looking for this button (i can’t find it pls halp)


Perhaps CBoat will make a comeback!

At this point I just hope Xbox is spreading false information just to troll us all, especially the insiders. Then blow us away.

Unlikely, I know.

If my youtube feed wasn’t filled with Xbox I would take a break from here as well until E3 but ah well. I hope Xbox is just trolling us all by feeding false information then blow us away.

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I’m trying to avoid as much as I can, I’m sure it will get really hard as we get closer, but I’m actually surprised we didn’t get more leaks and/or rumors so far. Either way, I’m hoping for a couple nice surprises! Outside of Halo and most likely Starfield, I have no idea what’s coming.

Or you could not read it? I am sure all of us would be willing to put it into spoilertags, but spoilerphobia can also be annoying for us that do not find it a “big deal”. For instance, I like talking about movies or plotting about lore with people. That also means spoiling things sometimes with other people that don’t mind it.

I am sure the same is true for these kinds of events with people. While I respect your spoilerphobia, please also respect us a bit. As in the past few years things have kind of been rough in this regard. Even a font can be seen as a spoiler now.

It also is abused by movie studios using FOMO and Spoilerphobia to make sure reviewers can’t review and ticket sales stay high :(.

That said, I do agree those that do it on purpose to ruin your day? Are not nice people. But in the same regard, please do not “spoil” (get it HAH) our fun either :wink: .

Dude what are you even talking about? I don’t have a ‘spoiler phobia’ and I’m surely not thinking about the folks that spoil things for folks. I just want to know how to block grubb or zhuge or whomever before the event so I can go in fresh.

I don’t mean that in a negative way, I’m just throwing my two cents into the conversation so that we don’t get content behind a "enable if you want to be spoiled’ kind of thing and then missing out on leaks. I also use spoilerphobia, not as an insult, but as a description. I don’t consider it wrong, people can partake in these things however they want. So please do not consider it an insult.

I like leaks for that reason, so I can check if things came true… or not :P. Really I heard your argument before, and there is nothing wrong with it, but many people call it “spoilers” in those cases. That’s why I called it “spoilerphobia”, not a critique of you personally.

I just do not view anything related to topic. The algorithms in youtube have been horrible that doesnt help,when all the xbox channels act like the echo chamber,just avoid xbox channels. Don’t search or look.

It’s 100% not Grubb’s style. He’s a good egg.


And absolutely not a “Rank bad hat” :slight_smile:

(Just to inject some English Class into the thread)