HYPECHECK: If TGA doesn't deliver, we do it ourselves. Which XGS/Bethesda Softworks releases will you play in 2023?

So, we didn’t get any release dates or release windows. And no new trailers.

Let’s do a hype check. Which games are you planning to play from this speculative 2023 Microsoft line-up? And why/why not?

  • Ara: History Untold
  • Age of Empires II Definitive Edition (for Xbox)
  • Age of Empires IV (for Xbox)
  • Forza Motorsport
  • Ghostwire: Tokyo
  • Minecraft: Legends
  • Redfall
  • Starfield

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Because theyre on GP. Ill tr y most of them.

If i had to buy then Starfield is the one. Self explanatory.


I voted Starfield,Minecraft,Redfall and Forza. But its Minecraft for me, the dungeons game was amazing, great time with friends, played several times trough it. Only didnt do the extra content because I lost my saves, dont know why.

Ara: love 4x games so will definitely check it out

AoE2 and 4: I already played on PC so I will skip it on Xbox.

Forza Motorsport: Not really a racing fan, but might install it to try it for a bit. Unsure.

Ghostwire Tokyo: I’m a weeb so I can’t skip it.

Minecraft Legends: Looks like fun. Will definitely try it on release.

Redfall: Arkane never misses so I will play it day one.

Starfield: my currently most hyped game. Will definitely play it day one.

Edit: I do hope some people will start voting for AoE soon even though I didn’t. It’s really starting to seem porting those games might have been a waste of time if this poll is in any way representative lol.


Starfield and Forza Motorsport will be huge for me.

Redfall, maybe? Looks neat but I have yet to really click with an Arkane game.

Definitely playing Starfield Day 1 and sometimes later Ghostwire Tokyo.

Looking forward to Ara. Civ needs more competition. Humankind tried and failed because it was kinda weird to play which made it not fun.

Starfield will be my second life or more like, new life for a while. I mean…Skyrim in space (and more) nuff said. Redfall as a Arkane fan I’ll absolutely play. FM, not a huge fan of FM, but it’s on GP, I will try it. I will probably try it all.

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Hope Starfield turns out well for you all :smiley:

(and for this forums sanity)


It’s Skyrim…in space.

Skyrim still rules. Anything new in terms of features is a great extra. :wink:

I expect a great game but I’m not gonna expect the messiah of gaming or anything. Some folks on Reddit are setting themselves up for potential disappointment with unrealistic expectations.

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All of them that hit Xbox and I’m pissed off about Ara not doing so. I think Minecraft Legends is going to be fantastic but Starfield is the one I think will take over my life for a while.


Starfield is the only one I would buy on release. It’s one of those games.

Lol I voted for everything. There’s a LOT coming out next year. I’m not even sure how I’m gonna play it all haha


Redfall and Starfield for me.

All but Ghostwire Tokyo and Minecraft Legends.

Yeah, 2023 is looking like what 2022 was promised to be lol.

I’ll do a proper list then:

  1. Starfield. This is the big one, imo the first Game Xbox have had in a long time. Not just good, cool , interesting or whatever but actually a big deal. A new Bethesda RPG, sci-fi setting and ambitous af? This is something I would buy Day One, which does not happen often anymore.

  2. Redfall. I’m still unsure about if this is for me or not. Co-op shlooter with a silly tik-tok tone does not appeal much. If it has a deep singleplayer with a completely different tone I’m in though.

  3. Age of Empires II and IV. Good to see they are coming to console, better late than never. Will play AoE II for sure, IV I’m not so sure about but I will try it out.

  4. Forza Motorsport. Might try it if it has some sort of career mode. Not too interested in going round and round a track for 50 laps for no reason ad nauseum.

  5. Ghostwire Tokyo. Nah.

  6. Minecraft Legends. Not my thing, looks good for what it is though.

  7. Ara: History Untold. PC only? Piss off.


Definitely will play Starfield. Oddly enough I’ve never particularly gotten into Skyrim though I tried starting it a couple of times. Hate Fallout 4 with a passion. But Sci Fi is kinda my thing, and I’ll definitely be checking this out.

Redfall: I like Arkane well enough and think their previous games have looked interesting, but up until Deathloop I hadn’t actually spent much time with one. I think I can see what they’re going for here and I actually will check this out as well. I think there’s more to it than initially met the eye.

Age of Empires : hard to say. I’ll likely check out the campaign missions but not sure that I’ll go for playing against people.

Motorsport : I’ll almost definitely play through all of the campaign pieces, complete all championships, etc. Probably won’t bother with multi player.

Ghostwire Tokyo: I’ll at least check it out. Honestly don’t know much about it and that could be good or bad.

Ara: yeah this I’ll definitely check out. Don’t use my PC much but this one will be an exception.

Minecraft : Dungeons was surprisingly amazing, and it makes me want to check out what else they do. So yes definitely.

So yeah I’ll definitely be getting value out of game pass next year even aside from other stuff.

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I’ll Play every single 1, i got Gamepass when they drop i will check them all out.