How to unlink your Xbox from an Epic account?

I am asking this for my brother, since he’s not registered here. He asked me if I could help him, so here I am. :slight_smile:

So basically here is his post he also did on Epic site.

Hello, We would like to know how to Unlink my Xbox from and Epic account. It keeps saying my Xbox is linked but that’s not the case! I logged in on my Microsoft account and searched for linked stuff. Epic was there on my account and also on my son’s Microsoft account so we deleted it both. Then tried it again but it keeps saying my Xbox is currently linked to an Epic account. I tried everything, as well as all the things it says on the site of Epic but it keeps saying its linked… So we cannot do anything right now it needs te be unlinked! I hope Epic will come with a solution but on their website it says it can take quite a few days before I get an answer. Right now my son cannot activate his 20 euro V-bucks card because it needs to be linked to HIS account. Hopefully this will be resolved. Is there any other way to help me with this? I currently ran out of options :frowning:

Maybe you can revoke it from the Microsoft side?

Managing services/apps connected to my Microsoft Account

We can manage services and apps connected to your Microsoft Account by going to:

When you sign into your Microsoft Account, you will see a page listing all of the services and apps that are connected to your Microsoft Account

Clicking onto any of these will allow you to see what this service is accessing. If you find that you are no longer using a service, then you should remove it.

To remove it, simply click remove these permissions found under the permissions it has

You will be asked if you wish to remove its permissions. If you select yes, then you will be sent back to the page which lists all the services connected to your Microsoft Account.


I passed it on to him. Much appreciated!

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