How do you want MS to handle Forza Motorsport?

I think Forza Motorsport will be the only title this generation from the Motorsport side, IMO they would have named it Forza Motorsport 8 to not indicate that. Maybe we could see a bike Forza like Polyphony did with Tourist Trophy.

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Generation long updates, Indy car, Nsscar,WRC type expansions.

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I just want to get in my Cinque and race on my fav tracks. No one puts road going zondas in their games besides Forza nowadays.

Do the opposite of Gran Turismo and their delusions of grandeur. Sell it as fun, expansive racing game.

Don’t need to hear T10 partnering with the FIA, or Nissan, or telling us how we can be professional race car drivers, if we play the game.

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This game will be available on PC as well… And hence there will be cheaters who will ruin the leaderboards with absurd records.

Hope they can prevent that

It must include VR- and before people say that the Xbox doesn’t do VR, I am meaning the PC version, in the same way that Microsoft Flight Simulator includes VR in the PC version.

Yeah, that does definitely get irritating seeing people setting impossible records. Wish they would do more to police thst stuff.

hmm I wonder should they make FM super sim like and try turn it into the big esport racing title or do they do simcade style to go for the sim/arcade mix crowd however big that is.

They could keep it as is but make a shoot off from the normal Series which is 100% esport fouced.

Don’t have ridiculous microtransactions.

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This isn’t gameplay related but what I really want to see and I hope to see tomorrow is a Forza Motorsport game that has been developed on a ForzaTech engine that takes full advantage of DirectX 12 Ultimate (which also means full support of RDNA2 features).

We’re over 2 years into the Series X’s life and we haven’t seen a game that flexes some of the distinct and exclusive advantages it has over all other hardware. This is because developers aren’t encouraged into supporting these features. When they see the fidelity and performance advantages, they’re more likely to jump on board.

With Unreal Engine 5 we are seeing near unlimited detail with Nanite, which runs in software. But the Series consoles have mesh shader capabilities that can do it in highly efficient hardware. Lumen does things like global illumination that looks ray traced without ray tracing hardware. But the Series consoles have hardware that can do some level of ray tracing.

I know this is a big ask but I hope that FM is the graphics powerhouse that changes how gamers and developers view games much like how Crysis did. A game where people decide to upgrade their PCs to get DirectX 12 Ultimate compliant cards, or to finally upgrade their last gen consoles.