How do you feel about the next gen exclusive line ups?

Both sides bringing some serious heat this time, like sony wiil keep firing at what they are good at, the only critique I have is I wanna see a few games from them that is not over the shoulder, I’m sure they are very capable. For xbox its gonnna be slow drip till like August maybe and then we will see the constant launches from them. I love the focus on rpgs, shooters and racing, if there was one critique I would have is probably xbox need a consistent platformer icon like banjo or conker like how ratchet is out there, might attract more of the younger audience to the platform, maybe some killer instinct, 1 vs 100, and viva pinata wouldnt hurt.

Also excited for the use of ML for upscaling and AI, VRS tier 2 (and the future tier which series consoles also support), Direct Storage, and the juicy games designed with SFS in place.

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Im brutally hyped for almost any game from xbox. Playstation on the one hand Im most hyped is everything from final fantasy. Outerwise my hype for xbox games FAR exseeds anything shown from any developer.

Only the next monolift soft game can hype me more. I will loose my shit on a new xenoblade or new IP from them.

I agree, If we are talking visuals it’ll be from the coalition, Id, ninja theroy and the new fable should look incredible, playground can certainly make amazing looking environments, also machine games are visual masters too.

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I straight up prefer Sony exclusives, but I loathe that huge PoS that is the PS5. I’m more of a casual gamer these days so investing in GP on a Series X from time to time is fine, and I still have my Nintendo Switch to supplement, especially with older titles that and remakes that I still enjoy playing. But Sony’s exclusive lineup is hard to beat. I just won’t be buying another machine this generation - already did so.